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Interview: Jen Marino and Kelley Michael (Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction)

The owners of Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride took time to talk with HorrorNews.net.


Hi,  please tell us how Reaper’s Revenge started?


Jen- The original founder, and one of our other owners, Travis went out to California. They were working at a bungee jump attraction, and they went to a haunted hayride, and Paul said, “I can do this better.” That’s where the main idea to start this came from. Kelley Michael has known Paul most of his life, or all of his life actually. We went to visit him one, I guess it was 2008. It was in the summer and we went to visit him for lunch, and he said, “I’m starting a haunted hayride. Come check out what I’m doing upstairs. You want to help us?” We signed on from there. Reapers didn’t even have a name yet.

Kelley Michael- It was more of an idea at that point. I don’t think the chunk of land was even picked out yet? There were choosing between these two chunks of land. We thought it was going to be a hobby, we didn’t think we would have careers like we do, at this point. After the third year we started doing well enough and we all found our place in the haunt industy, and it’s grown from there.

The Haunt industry is amazing. What is the best thing about having a haunt that you both love so much?

Kelley Michael- First and foremost, it’s a creative outlet. You can get the stuff out that you have in your head out into the world for people to enjoy. At the end of the day, what I love most about this, is scaring people.

That’s awesome.

What are you expecting this year, and no spoilers but is there anything new you can reveal?

Jen- just about every scene on our mountain is getting some sort of update. I’ really excited about this year.

Kelley- We’re not giving away spoilers but there will be two very big builds happening.

What do both of you want to say to everyone that will be coming to Reaper’s and the people that continue to show up?

Kelley Michael- We love to scare you.


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