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Interview: Director Drew Walkup, Actress Lizzie Zerebko, and Actor Michael Olavson (Endangered)

Hi everyone, it’s so good to talk to all of you. Hi Drew, Lizzie and Michael.

Lizzie- Hi

Drew- Hi

Michael- Hi

Oh my GOSH! Endangered was wild. How did this idea manifest for you? How did everyone get involved?

Drew- Endangered is a thriller that follows Alison Meyers portrayed by Lizzie. She’s an out of work architect. She’s driving for a ride share service to make ends meet, and she picks up her final passenger of the night. He’s an unsavory character. She has to figure out who her passenger truly is. It’s a fun film full of twists and turns. I’ve known Michael for a long time and I was so pleased to work with him on this project. This is the first project I’ve had the privilege of working with Lizzie on, and I hope I get to work with her again.

Lizzie- Well, Drew and I both went to U.S.C. We had a mutual USC connection. I read the script and trusted him enough to fly across the country.

Was it scary for you preparing for this character?

Lizzie- I never had to be scared. Drew made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Alison has done everything she’s supposed to do in life, and that plan for her life… the run had been pulled out from under her. She is trying to put her life together.

Michael- I think we can all identify with these characters kind of struggling in the “gig” economy. We all know what it feels like to go after something and to strike out.

Yes, you might have a job that you love, and you may get that sense of if I keep going, I can make it.

Michael- Yes.

Drew, how did you get everyone prepared for Endangered?

Drew- We had a great crew behind us. We knew what our limitations were and everyone was amazing. There’s only so many shots you can get of two people talking in a car. We had to keep that momentum going.

What do you guys want to say to everyone that will be watching Endangered?

Lizzie- I would say that I love reading the online comments on the trailer. There is so much more to this movie.

Michael- For me being a horror fan as well, like what Sydney says in the first Scream (1996), she criticizes what the characters and slashers always do in movies. In the rest of the scenes, she does exactly what she was criticizing. We do have some cards up our sleeve that hopefully if we’ve done our job well. They will land effectively. Even the tagline of the trailer, “Never Trust a Stranger”, I think keeping that mind going in. What you see is not exactly what you’re seeing. You want it to function as an effective thriller anyway. We have a couple more dynamic things to show.

Drew- I think that what Michael and Lizzie said is good. I want people to go in with an open mind. We tried to do our best to bring the incredible writing to life. I think we did a good job.

I thank you all so much. Thank you, Lizzie, Drew, and Michael. It was an honor talking to the three of you.

Lizzie- Thank you

Drew- Thank you

Michael- Thank you.


Alison, an aspiring architect, spends her evenings trying to make ends meet as a ride-share driver. While wrapping up her shift, she decides to take on one last passenger – only to find herself in unexpected danger when she discovers the mysterious stranger is not whom he appears to be.

Alison is cajoled into taking the fare against her better judgement, and when she discovers blood-stained jewelry and a gun in her passenger’s bag, she begins to fear that she may not make it out of this trip alive. Through a twisted and unsettling turn of events, Alison appeals to her enigmatic passenger for help. In over her head, she fights to get through the night by covering her tracks, avoiding the police, and ultimately discovering who her inscrutable passenger truly is.

In this villainous thriller, director Drew Walkup perfectly captures the eerie and chilling risks one takes when getting in a car with a stranger. Compounded with brilliant performances from Lizzie Zerebko and Michael Olavson, ENDANGERED will keep you on the edge of your seat until the heart-stopping end.

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