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Film Review: L.U.N.A. (short film) (2021)

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Field technician, Lillian Romero, is sent out to diagnose an error from her company’s home assistant device L.U.N.A. When she arrives, she discovers this is no ordinary error… or home.


Directed by Blake Vaz and written by Roman Arabia, and Mike Bane.

L.U.N.A. opens with an awesome house. I do love a great location. No matter what type of place it is, it can become a character in the film. The house is great. We meet Lillian Romero (Fernanda Romero), Sarah Cambell (Lauren DeShane), and Jaime Cambell (Lauren Bair).

Lillian arrives at the house and Jaime and Sarah have something to show her. L.U.N.A. is kind of like an Alexa. Lillian is trying to figure out what’s wrong with the L.U.N.A. This reminds me of Creepshow. There’s a slow tension but it’s great for a short film. I would recommend watching L.U.N.A.

Make sure to check out L.U.N.A.

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“May Your Nightmares Inspire You.”



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