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Film Review: Neighbors (Short Film) (2022)

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Upstairs neighbors can be a real terror.


Directed and written by Isaac Ruth, most of us get along with our neighbors. There may be some people out there that don’t like neighbors or they just keep to themselves. It’s your preference.

Neighbors stars Nate Logue and Christine Renaud star in this horror short film. Andy (Nate Logue) arrives to stay at a friend’s apartment. He gets his drink on, and then the banging starts. The LOUD banging… “You didn’t tell me you live under an actual mosh pit.” It’s a great line, thank you for that Isaac Ruth.

We have all seen our fair share of neighbor-related movies, The Burbs of course is the piece de resistance of all neighbor movies. Then of course, movies like Fright Night, Fright Night II (Russell Clark and Julie Carmen, need I say more.), The Waiting, Pacific Heights (Michael Keaton WORST NEIGHBOR EVER! That movie is just… oh shit.), Rear Window, the nosy yet not nosy neighbor.

The Neighbor, Playdate, Good Neighbors. There are lots of neighbor-related movies. Lakeview Terrace. Andy winds up falling asleep before the banging starts but I can’t say I was expecting to happen next, actually happened. I’m just sad it wasn’t longer, maybe it should be a feature. I want to know where that came from? I don’t even want to look in my bathroom right now.

I have questions Isaac Ruth, so many questions. What a fun movie. Panic Fest 2022 has chosen some excellent short films for the short film blocks. This was from Block #3.

Make sure to check out NEIGHBORS and Panic Fest 2022.

Starring Nate Logue https://imdb.to/3hn0oqn Instagram: @calmdown_nate Starring Christine Renaud. https://www.imdb.me/christinerenaud Instagram: @_christinerenaud Featuring Dan Prevette. Instagram: @danprevette Editor, Sound Design, Director of Photography, Colorist, Writer, Director: Isaac Ruth https://www.imdb.me/isaacruth Instagram: @isaacjruth

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