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Film Review: The Sound (Short Film) (2022)

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A deaf girl has the ability to hear a sound people with hearing can not.


This is one of my favorite short films. The Sound was directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer, and written by Jason-Christopher Mayer, and Emree Franklin.

Lily (Sabrina Stull) is running, and her nose starts bleeding and she’s hearing a sound that no one can hear. Okay, so now it’s two years later.

Lily is sitting with Alison (Emree Franklin). They are catching up with one another and Lily cannot hear at all. Lily starts to tell Alison a story about how she heard something.

This is a good movie, Jason did a good job with this story, the originality of it. I get that high-pitched ringing sometimes and it’s horrible. It’s a unique story, and as soon as it ended, I wanted there to be more. Again, this is another movie where I have so many questions. That was crazy. Everyone has to watch this short film.

Make sure to check out THE SOUND and Panic Fest.


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