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Film Review: 7 Minutes in Hell (Short Film)

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A game of seven minutes in heaven turns deadly when two teens are attacked by a monster in the closet.


The Short film blocks at Panic Fest are always great. 7 Minutes in Hell was written and directed Justin Reager and Shane Spiegel.

A group of kids sneak into this super old creepy, awesome house. Of course, it’s a creepy house to play 7 Minutes in Heaven. I mean, what can go wrong right? Olivia (Samantha Cormier) and James (Christian Weissmann) are the first two to wind up in a closet together.

Lize Johnston portrays The Woman, and does an amazing job. The effects and creep factor are great. If you play around with Ouija boards, know what you’re doing. The contortionist like movements of The Woman make it so much creepier because you just never know what will happen.

Olivia and James seem to regret that closet adventure and Olivia is face to face with this woman creature/ghost. It was great to watch a movie like this. A good old fashioned haunt movie with a modern twist.

Make sure to check out 7 Minutes in Hell

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