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Exclusive Interview: Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprising)

Exclusive Interview: Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprising)

How did you get attached to Amityville Uprising?

Strap in its long one …

How I ended up doing this role-

In 2019 I was filming a television show in Armenia, DEATH SQUAD

“Killing Zombies”

. Writer/Director Thomas Churchill contacted and told me about a script he had that he had me in mind for. , “Killing Zombies”.

AND …..

As an actor you hear this many times throughout your career and 99.9% of the time, nothing happens.



Prior to covid I got to hang out with Thomas at an Oscar party and we kept in contact.

And became friends

The story changed over time

So fast-forward to a little less than a year into Covid and we were filming it man.

It’s funny because when the part was originally offered to me it was for the killer, Despite the fact that Thomas wrote the role of Detective Lance McQueen for me. Tattooed and bearded. Lean and mean zombie killing machine.

I wanted to play to good guy

And I thank Thomas for writing him for me.

And believing in me

Couple days later Lance was offered

And I also want to say thank you to producers, Binh Dang and Phillip B. Goldfine, for giving me the chance to play the good guy.

How was it working with director, Thomas J. Churchill?

Let’s you make decisions

He’s awesome

Loves the genre.

Can’t thank him enough .

Tell us about Detective Lance McQueen?


Detective Lance McQueen-

When you meet him,

the whole world just happens to be going to hell.

He’s an honorable and principled man with a past.

He wants to make sure that no matter the cost, you do what’s right in this world.

A lot of my inspiration for this character is derived from iconic anti-heroes.

Follow his journey

How do you prepare to play a character?

Lol it’s weird

I’m alone with the script making emotional attachments .

Doing push-ups

Watching Evil Dead 2 , The Road warrior, Conan

For days

What was the most difficult part of this role?

The End of the movie

You have to watch it .

But it was also last day With this amazing cast and crew

This is an incredible ensemble cast filled with amazing friends of mine-

Kelly Lynn Reiter and I have worked on a couple films together. She is a very talented rising star.

Scott C. Roe and Tank Jones,

it was an honor to work with both of these esteemed dudes.

Troy Fromin you are the man.

Last but not least, Barry Papick. “ You’re my boy blue”.

Look, this movie was a blast to film

This is fun horror movie

What was the most memorable day on set?



Last day of filming

Amityville Uprising

Scott and I were beat


Thomas Churchill


We obliged he say that poster


Do you like playing the protagonist or antagonist?

Protagonist look …

I’ve been looked at as the opposite because of the way

I look .

tattoos and all

Anytime I can change that I’m excited

I’ve been the antagonist a lot it’s not as interesting

To me at the moment,

But with the right script ?

What does it mean to you that this is a Lionsgate release?

1st I’m a Lionsgate fan .

And this is the best and farthest distribution a film can get .

Tell me the best 3 movies you’ve watched lately?

Evil Dead 2 , The Road warrior, Conan

The stories of my life 😂

What does 2022 look like for Mike Ferguson?

Lots of movie releases

Two of them

The last American horror show volume 2


3rd Quarter 22

Night Carnage

And when I’m not doing movies

You can find me on YouTube





Digital, On Demand and DVD January 11, 2021 from Lionsgate

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