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Exclusive Interview: Hick Cheramie (Obsidian)


How did you get attached to OBSIDIAN?

A casting call online. It was my first speaking role and I was ready for a challenge. After speaking with the director I became passionate about the character.

Tell us a little bit about your character, Mick?

My character Mick was based on the director’s dear friend in real life, Nick. Mick embodies a very sarcastic and in your face kind of person, but one you can’t help but to love. I was humbled to be able to honor his memory. I was able to relate a lot with the demons that my character fought within and the metaphorical walk we both took, his in the more literal sense and mine with my sobriety.

How was it working with the director, Erica Summers?

Being able to work with Erica was an absolute dream for my first ever speaking role. I feel like I’m truly lucky to be able to have worked with someone so dedicated and passionate about their work. Although challenging at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything because she taught me so much about what I loved to do and we were all able to have fun while doing it.

What was your favorite scene?

My favorite scene would have to be when I found out I could move my feet to be able to walk again. It didn’t take much for me to embody that character, because going back to the previous question about my character Mick, I really related the scene to how I was able to walk again in life after becoming sober. That scene will always be close to my heart.

What was the most difficult aspect to making this film?

The most difficult aspect, like any production, were the quick script changes and timing. Being my first speaking role, it was harder to adapt at first, but the director made the changes easy, comfortable, and convenient.

What makes this film stand out?

Even though it’s considered horror, I think what makes it stand out the most is that it deals with a lot of internal issues relating to things such as vanity and insecurities we all deal with. It’s kind of like that monster we are all afraid of as kids are just our biggest fears within us.

Do you have any favorite horror films?

The 1978 Halloween would have to be my all time favorite film.

What made you want to get into acting?

I started out always wanting to act as a child and I decided to follow that dream and see what I could push myself to do.

Who inspires your creativity?

I’d have to say my partner and my children inspire me daily. But as far as who inspires me as an artist, it’s a constant change. One day I was working with Bryan Cranston and he inspired me, and at another point recently I was working with Will Smith. It changes all the time. During the time working on Obsidian, Erica and her story inspired me a lot.

What’s next for Hick Cheramie?

I was fortunate enough to become SAG eligible in this last Apple production. So now I feel my opportunities are endless.

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