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FRIGHTENING FUN FACTS – Check out These New Clips!

A new series of short videos for horror fans titled FRIGHTENING FUN FACTS. They’re five minute long, safe for work funny pieces.

DESCRIPTION: Hungry for some intriguing, funny and occasionally creepy facts? Check out the first episode of FRIGHTENING FUN FACTS! Was Plan 9 From Outer Space director Ed Wood a government agent? What famous actress slept in a casket and loved watching executions? Why did the world’s most valuable harp get thrown in the trash? It’s ten pounds of weirdness jammed into five, safe for work, minutes.

EPISODE 2 link:
DESCRIPTION: Eager for some strange, creepy but entertaining facts? Check out episode 2 of FRIGHTENING FUN FACTS. What happened to America’s literal “Killer” water park? Do cats have secret mind control powers? Who was America’s most inept assassin? Five minutes of twisteD, work safe fun for connoisseurs of creepiness.

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