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Film Review: A Stalker in the House (2021)

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Jen is single and looking to find her match with online dating. She connects with Mike, who appears handsome and charming. But some things are too good to be true, and all is not what it seems. When he becomes aggressive Jen pushes away and tries to avoid him, however Mike has other ideas. Obsessed, he does not intend to let Jen go so easily and now she is in a fight for her life. 


Jared Cohn (The Horde, Hold Your Breath) wrote and directed A Stalker in the House.

The movie opens with Alexa (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Mike (Jack Pearson). Alexa wants to break up with Mike. When a person says things like, “I know you” and “Your crazy.” Those are red flags. Alexa wants to break up and leave which Mike should have just got the f*ck out of her way and let her go. Mike winds up hitting Alexa, and then it gets worse.

Domestic violence goes both ways. Mike moves on pretty quick and he meets Jen (Veronika Issa). Mike is persistent. You have to wonder what makes a person a stalker. There are people who fall in love, they fall head over heels, genuinely in love, and then there are the people who fall in love in an unhealthy way. It may seem healthy to them but it’s NOT!

Mike and Jen met on an online dating app. Mind you, Mike already killed Alexa. He doesn’t seem upset or worried, he’s just ready to move on with Jen. I know it’s just a movie but Jack Pearson’s character Mike is truly maddening.

They went on their date, Mike wants to have sex, Jen doesn’t want to “have sex on the first date.” Mike is good at playing this narcissistic manipulator role. He is a ballbuster. If someone says, NO, it should be NO, and end of story.

Jen is over it and wants Mike to leave, he repeatedly tells her that he will “text her” and Jen says don’t but Mike doesn’t seem to hear that. This is so disturbing because there are people like this. This stuff actually happens. It’s a movie but there are stalkers and people out there that just won’t quit.

The date ended and Jen is doing stuff but Mike is still hanging outside. He calls her, and does his best to try and convince her to let him back inside, oh LORD. Jen tries her best to deescalate this situation but now, Mike needs to use Jen’s bathroom. Don’t let people hover while you’re entering your security code folks.

Mike is still pressing Jen. Jen finally gets Mike out of her house and she wakes up to text messages from him. Jen also has an ex-boyfriend, Gerry Dilts. Gerry and Jen broke up.

Jen hangs out with her friend Lisa, and oh lord, poor Lisa. Mike does everything imaginable to get back to Jen’s house and get inside the house. Jared Cohn’s films are always different. It was interesting to see his take on this subject.

Oh, Mike telling Jen to, “just relax”, that is such a breaking point. This dude is wild. Saved by the doorbell, and it’s Jared Cohn portraying Jen’s concerned neighbor. Oh boy, this is just going to make this dude worse. There is a part of me that wouldn’t even drink the wine Mike brought Jen. (I know, it’s JUST a movie.)

It gets creepier and I think some people sleep too well. Meanwhile, Lisa’s setting Jen up on another date with Rick the Chef (Nicholas Ryan). No one sees anything? Really? Mike sitting outside Jen’s place with binoculars trying to convince himself he isn’t a stalker.

Jen’s ex Gerry Dilts (Michael DeVorzon) comes back and he’s with Jen now. They catch up on life while Mike lurks around the house. DOES nobody hear this dude walking around? Gerry tried reverse psychology with Mike. I’ve never disliked a character in a movie as much as dislike Mike. Jack Pearson really played this character with gusto. As times goes on, Mike’s stalking and anger gets worse.

It gets wild, a lot happens. It’s a good mystery-thriller to watch with friends. Stay safe out there, folks.

Make sure to check out Stalker in the House.

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