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Interview: Kendal Conrad (“Norman’s Lullaby”)

Singer/Songwriter Kendal Conrad will be releasing a “spooky song” just in time for Halloween. The song will premiere on October 28, 2021. Check out Kendal Conrad’s exclusive interview with me for Horrornews.net. She discusses the song and more.

Hi Kendal, how are you doing? Please tell us about your new song, “Norman’s Lullaby”?

Kendal- Hi!  I’m fantastic.  Hope you are, too. I wrote this song back in 2016 with my mom, Sharen Conrad.  I had recently been going through my unreleased songs and stumbled upon this one.  I listened and fell in love with it all over again.  And what perfect timing to release it for my favorite holiday, Halloween?

You mentioned that this was a song you wrote for the last season of Bates Motel. What can you tell us about the creative process of the song?

Kendal- My mom and I watched the Bates Motel series religiously.  We noticed that Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates) played piano and sang a lot during the show and thought… What if we wrote a song from Norma’s perspective and could somehow get Vera to sing it?  So, I got out my guitar, and we really dug deep to get into her character’s head-space.  Musically I wanted it to feel haunting but heartfelt and soft like a lullaby.  Something simple.  Lyrically I wanted it to feel like a promise of love and loyalty taken way too far: this is a suffocating, overprotective, unbreakable connection between two people that goes beyond the grave. We wound up not making it into the show, but man, do I still love this song.

What else are you working on?

Kendal- I’m working on a brand new single that no one has heard before.  Getting all the pieces together in production can be tedious, but the process is still magical and rewarding for me.

It is spooky season. Do you have any Halloween traditions that you can share?

Kendal- I try to watch Beetlejuice every year.  I’m a huge Tim Burton fan.  The topic of my Honors thesis in college was actually Sweeney Todd!  I usually carve a pumpkin every year, too.

What would you like to tell everyone about the song, “Norman’s Lullaby”? What would you like people to know from your perspective?

Kendal- When I was working on this song, it really made me think about myself and my relationships.  When I love, I love hard.  The song ultimately begs the question: can you love someone too much?

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YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGyM29FbH9B1SVtF_5CU_Q




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