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Find out the best way to promote your horror project with Marketing Macabre

Marketing Macabre
New 2022 Horror Package Guide

MARKETING MACABRE new 2022 press packages are now available and they include something for every filmmaker, author, and business that needs awareness in the horror community.

Independent filmmakers now have more choices than every before with tons of new packages or even the option to build their own marketing plan ala carte.

By popular demand, we have a package for horror authors to support their wicked writings.

Banner ad options are available through our sponsored horror outlets.

For those with a lot of content output, we have a UNLIMITED package that gives you as much press as you can handle for a 3-month period.

Our partnership with Bayview Entertainment has created a remarkable opportunity where we can now offer the ability to put a 30 second commercial spot on new DVD releases.

For more information:

Contact: Michael Joy at joyhorror@msn.com

Marketing Macabre – a horror boutique public relations company created to give independent filmmakers an affordable alternative. We focus on the importance of press releases to gain momentum and we work with some of the biggest genre websites in the world. Our mission is to get your project in front of your audience, the horror public – the most devoted fan base in all of entertainment.

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