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Pre-Order Your Halloween Footwear Today with Freddy, Jason, and Michael

Halloween is quickly approaching and we are all scrabbling to get together our masks and costumes… but what about our feet?   Fun.com has your feet in mind, as they are releasing some frightening horror themed footwear.

Friday the 13th Jason High Top Sneakers for adults! Take a comfy sneaker, decorate the canvas with a rich pattern of black and red, then add some bloody splotches along the rubber sole and toe cap and you’ve got a look that will definitely draw some attention. Add Jason’s iconic mask at the ankle and now you’re talking about wearing your fandom on your feet! Now these are the kinds of shoes that can be worn all over! Pre-order Friday the 13th Sneakers

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Sneakers for adults. These flat, high-top sneakers have a Chuck Taylor style with a toe cap and rubber sole, all detailed with bloody smudges. The canvas sides are inspired by Freddy’s sweater and the claw marks at the ankle only make those red splotches look all the more realistic! Pair them with your favorite costume for a nightmarish twist or just add some horror movie flair when you’re walking around during the day! Pre-Order Nightmare of Elm Street Sneakers

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Slippers. The soft sole and creepy design of Myer’s mask and his favorite machete make this pair of loungewear both delightful to look at and comfy to wear. Not only will you be able to show off your love for your favorite horror flick but you can be sure that Michael won’t have a chance to sneak up on you, too! Pre-Order Halloween Slippers 

Try out this pair of Michael Myers Slippers for Adults and you’ll find that you’ve got a pair of the most stunning slashers the movie world has ever given us. Each slipper features a stuffed Michael Myers doll atop a cozy, plush sole. Every step you take will have this little guy rushing closer to his goals. Best part is that with the soft structure of this slasher, the only thing you have to fear is feeling cozy. Pre-Order Michael Myers Slippers

Friday the 13th Jason Slippers might be the perfect fit. Your feet will slip right into these black house slippers and you’ll be able to look down to see Jason’s iconic hockey mask with every step! Everyone is sure to hear you coming, too, though they’ll only hear the sounds of your killer style in cozy comfort! Pre-Order Friday the 13th Slippers

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