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Exclusive Interview: Author, Christopher Fink (New Book: KyN)

Exclusive Interview: Author, Christopher Fink (New Book: KyN)

What can readers expect from your new book, Kyn?

Kyn has been a passion project for almost 3 years, and I am thrilled to finally have it available for you. I wanted to give the werewolf center stage, while trying to bring a fresh take on the familiar cryptid. In this story, Darrus is a father, and a husband, who has the misfortune of being one of the last of a great society of Lycan that once ruled over the lands. A hardship beyond words-a curse-he has reluctantly become accustomed to, Darrus does what he can to spare his family any grief of his burden. However, Darrus suffers in silence, hoping everyday that his affliction will end with him, and spare his daughter. It is a suspenseful tale of loss and bloodshed, as one other creature; Clay has lived throughout the ages since the days of his nobility, immortal, watching humanity squander what once belonged to his kind. In Darrus’s daughter, Clay now sees his opportunity to take back their land, and rule over the humans once again.

How old were you when you got interested in writing stories?

I’ve always had an interest in writing since I can remember. Many of them when I was young had titles like, “The Evil Leprechaun” which I have since fleshed out into a short in my anthology, funny enough. All those years later, but it has always been an interest of mine. From screenwriting, to short stories, to my first novel, Kyn. I enjoy a good story, and wanted to see if I had what it took to create a world of my own for others to enjoy. I am proud to say that I have, and only hope that I can get a few sleepless nights out of my readers. A good scare here and there, and I know I’ve done my job right!

What drives your creativity?

It is my desire for something original that drives me to write my stories. Much of what we read and see is familiar territory, with good reason. But I strive to reach beyond that as best I can. Many times I find myself saying, “I wish I could see/read something like this”. Finally I said, “why not write it yourself?” I write what I’d want to read. Something fun, energetic, and thrilling. Personally, I get bored very easily, so I make considerable efforts not to let my stories lag. I understand the investment in time one offers when reading a book. I want to make sure it is worth every minute, and every page turn!

Do you have a favorite book or author that inspires you?

Like any horror author, Stephen King is one the list for inspiration. Pet Semetary is easily the scariest book/film to date I have read. Of course, I can’t go without mentioning H.P. Lovecraft for his ever-expansive cosmic worlds of horror. And lastly, one of my favorite books to date is Plum Island by Nelson DeMille. It has been some time since I’ve read it, but I do remember the fluid and gripping narrative that made it hard to put down. I love that feeling, don’t you? I need to give myself the time to read more of his works.

Do you flesh out your characters before you start writing the story?

Many, if not all of my characters are broadly established to start. A beginning, and a middle set, if you will. However, I prefer leaving the journey somewhat open, allowing for a unique development as the story progresses. Like the reader, I don’t like knowing what’s going to happen before it does. It’s as much a discovery for me while writing, as it is reading it for the first time.

Do you know your ending when you begin writing?

To answer that, see above, haha! I do somewhat know where it will all end, but allowing for a welcome change, if one presents itself. As I’m learning more about my characters, their choices might change along the way from what I have originally intended. This is a great happening, opening possibilities I may not have seen from the start!

What does your writing process look like?

I write when I can. Throughout my day-to-day life, I have to grab what time I can, wherever I can. My notes are a condensed mess of ideas and thoughts that I may or may not use. Ideas flow all the time, and I always try to get it on paper. My thought process is, who knows where it will fit, and in what story? There is nothing linear, or so structured as notes, page, chapter, etc.

How long does it typically take you to complete a book?

That depends on the book. Kyn, for instance, was nearly a three year process from conception to completion. But in that time, I was (still am) learning a lot, and with my day job it’s difficult to find substantial time to write. I have to make time, and if everything goes well in the future, I like to think I can churn out a new book every year, or so. At least this is my goal. Feels like a healthy enough rotation.

What sets your stories apart of everything else that is out there?

They are my stories. I know that sounds a little full of myself, but I go back to what I had said earlier. I write what I’d want to read. I am confident in my work, and only look to bring a little enjoyment (and a few scares) to those who can give it a look. It’s important, especially these days, to entice the interest to take some quiet time to yourself to enjoy a book. If I can do that for you, then, again, I did my job right!

What’s next for Christopher Fink?

I’m going to keep writing as long as I can. I enjoy it, even more when people tell me they enjoy reading it. That’s all I’m looking for in my efforts. Of course, I hope to cultivate enough of a following where I can make this into my full-time career. I’ll keep writing regardless. As my library grows, so too will my reach to more vast conventions and expos to introduce more to the works of The Horror Seeker!

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