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Review: Lobster Girl and Other Tales by Jon Morvay

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The story of Lobster Girl comes out of the dark and tormented mind of artist and filmmaker Jon Morvay. You get the tingling sense that this is the same darkness that the work of Clive Barker comes from. It’s a well told tale with gripping narration and violent imagery. They match each other flawlessly.

This film brings me to think of the sadness of old school carnivals. The ones that you paid to see the wolf boy and the goat woman along with a motor vehicle line of freaks and deplorable characters. Crustacean + Stripper = Lobster Girl You can’t get any more classic carnie than that.

The narrator makes you feel like you are sitting at the Dungeon club drinking a jack-and-coke waiting for the next stripper to get on stage. You’ll find yourself horrified at the story of Lobster Girl like a car accident. You want to turn away but it’s impossible.

You are definitely left wanted to learn more about Lobster Girl and the other tales of despair weaved together by Morvay. I can certainly see the possibility of this story transformed into a live action horror movie, at least that is my hope. I would recommend you experience Lobster Girl and Other Tales but be warned, once you watch it… it can’t be unwatched.

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