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Exclusive Interview: Frank Volpe (Human Hibachi 2)

Exclusive Interview: Frank Volpe (Human Hibachi 2)

How did you get attached to human hibachi 2?

I was at work one day and I saw Mario Cerrito posted on Facebook 5 minutes ago that he was looking for the lead in his film. I messaged him right away and asked him if I could audition and show my interpretation of the character. I went right home and spent a few hours on the self tape. He responded within ten minutes of me sending the audition tape and confirmed that I got the role.

Tell us a little bit about your character.

Steve Hunt is someone who comes off friendly and charming at first but the more time you spend with him he starts to give you the creeps. Deep down he is a vicious psychopath that you should never turn your back on. He’s a narcissist and a bully that always has to be in charge.

How was it working with Mario Cerrito?

Mario runs a great set and makes everyone feel very comfortable. He has a vision for his film but allows everyone to really get in the mindset of their characters and play in the world he has created. Mario is a professional at the craft and might have a screw loose when it comes to the sick and twisted script that he wrote. It was an honor working with him and I would love to work with him again!

What was your favorite scene?

I had so much fun shooting this whole film but my favorite scene would have to be the final feast! Mario spent the time and laid the scene out perfectly. All the characters playing off of each other and bringing their own special something to the scene was exciting! Plus there’s a few twist and turns that make for a shocking ending!

What was the most difficult aspect to making Human Hibachi 2?

The most difficult part was getting into this character and the aggression that comes with it. It takes a lot of energy to become such a vile character all day long. There’s an intense chainsaw scene where an actress is screaming bloody murder and I am pretty sure It caused me to have nightmares from the sound of her screams. Even though it’s just a movie, murder scenes are tough. They can take a lot of emotion and energy out of you when you’re really getting yourself into that killer mindset.

How did you like the location?

There’s a few different locations for this film and they couldn’t have been more perfect! The Hunt family home was under construction and it really helps give off the feel that this family doesn’t take care of themselves very well. Just a family of psychopaths that are more invested on who they’re eating for dinner than taking the time to clean up their home. Each location really added something special to this film.

Do you have any favorite horror films?

There are so many good horror films out there but I would have to say the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. They are the first horror films that I remember watching and I was only about 9 years old. It was one of those rainy days at our family condo in Ocean City, NJ when my mom would let my sister and I each rent a movie from Blockbuster. I remember begging my Mom on my hands and knees to let me rent and watch the first one. Til this day I can’t believe she let me watch those films at such a young age but it’s a great memory I will always have.

What made you get into acting?

I was always very interested in acting and used to spend so many nights watching films and reciting every word. I wanted to get into film but thought I needed to start at a younger age to do anything with that kind of career. When I was 23 years old my Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Within 6 months she passed but before she did she told me to stop living my life always trying to make everyone else happy and try to focus on my own happiness in life. I was lost for a few years and didn’t have the courage to start until my friend, Blake Horn, invited me onto a set. One of the actors dropped out and by my surprise I was given the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone to fill the role. I was absolutely fascinated with the process and it was love at first sight. I found something in life that brings me happiness and I know that it is never too late to embark on a new journey and follow your dreams.  I know my mother is looking down on me and proud of who I am today.

Who inspires your creativity?

My Father has always been a creative person with everything he does. He owns a tile business and he designs everything from entire houses to magnificent churches. I’m pretty sure I get my creative side from him. I love playing all different kinds of characters and would love to be seen as a character actor. An actor I’m truly inspired by is David Dastmalchian. Every role I have seen him play has been something completely different. He makes a creative decision for the character and he really runs with it. It is always interesting to watch him work

What’s next for Frank Volpe?

Each year I have been in this business I try to grow and continue to learn more. This year has been the biggest yet and I cannot be more grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. I have worked on a few films that will be out within the next year called “Game Day” and “Talons Of The Phoenix”. Next up I’m filming a few short films and I am attached to the Feature Film “Booo” from writers/directors Joshua Coates and Fetteroff Colon. You can also catch me on the commercials for “DRAFTFUEL”!

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