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Zombie with a Shotgun is an independent feature-length adaptation of writer/director Hilton Ariel Ruiz’s web-series and comic of the same name.

It started in the year 2012 when filmmaker Hilton Ariel Ruiz wanted to create his own zombie interpretation into a web-series.

In completing the 1st episode and showcasing it through social media platforms, Zombie with a Shotgun went viral. 1st Episode of Zombie with a Shotgun

On the viral success of Zombie with a Shotgun, Hilton Ariel Ruiz continued on the title and in 2015 he teamed up with the amazing comic book artist Simone Guglielmini and thus releasing the 1st comic issue of Zombie with a Shotgun. Artist Ian Miller was brought in for later issues.

The talks of a feature film finally came to intuition when in 2016 Hilton Ariel Ruiz started independently raising money through fund-raising campaigns. The journey wasn’t easy as it took 3 years on the completion of the film. On November 28, 2019 Zombie with a Shotgun was released to stream on Amazon and other streaming services. Zombie with a Shotgun Feature

In 2020 the popularity of the title helped team up with Roaring kittens to create the video game for Zombie with a Shotgun. The game is in process to be completed once it has reached it’s goal as once again we independently raise money through fund-raising campaigns. “Zombie with a ShotgunTrailer”

Zombie with a Shotgun has been a success story and an inspiration for many artists that witnessed what we all can do independently.

The sequel for Zombie with a Shotgun is in talks as we started a Patreon page to start raising funds for the film ~ www.patreon.com/HiltonArielRuiz

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