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Exclusive Interview: Giavonna Banner (Human Hibachi 2)

Exclusive Interview: Giavonna Banner (Human Hibachi 2)

How did you get attached to Human Hibachi 2?

– My acting coach, Bernard Glincosky of the Philadelphia Acting Studio, was the lead Actor in a couple of Mario’s previous movies, namely Deadly Gamble and the Listing. When Mario was casting for Human Hibachi 2, he reached out to Bernard, and I sent in a self tape audition! The rest is history, haha.

Tell us a little about your character, Michele?

– Michele is a young woman that enjoys the outdoors, has a sister, and is engaged! She’s smart, assertive, and outgoing. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and camping, and is excited to get married!

Did you enjoy being killed on film?

– It was so much fun!!! I actually auditioned for another role in the movie, and ended up landing this role, and I could not be happier – I had SO much fun on set shooting my scenes, especially the death scenes! Mario was really awesome in terms of his guidance on set, and he was also great about letting us run with it. I told Nick when we got to set that day, the actor who kills me – to go all in and really commit to the scene. We had a great time! It was really exhilarating.

What the trick to a good scream?

– To just let go! Don’t worry about how its going to sound. Just let it out. And for me, I didn’t practice the scream beforehand – I knew if I did, I would be all “Screamed out” the day of shooting. I knew in real life, if I was really fighting for my life and about to be stabbed, I would scream as loud as I possibly could so someone, ANYONE would hear me. So in that moment, Michele did what Gia would have done – screamed her head off!

What was the most difficult aspect of this production for you?

– Funny enough, playing dead! When I was lying on the table, my eyes kept twitching, mainly because I was wearing makeup, and makeup irritates my eyes. So while I was lying there completely still I was trying to stop my eyes from twitching which was really hard hahaha.

What was your favorite experience during filming HH2?

– ohhh this is a hard one. I would have to say the table read and then shooting the death scene. The table read because it was the first time, after having spent so much time already reading the script, to really meet everyone, and see the script come to life with all the different personalities and talent the actors brought to the table. It was a lot of fun. And then of course, shooting the death scene. There were 20 or so people on set that day, and it was really cool to be working with so many awesome people to create a real work of art, have some great conversations, and I think we all had fun watching my character die, and really getting creative with how we shot those scenes.

What inspires your creativity?

– My personal experiences in life for sure! And my hope for the future. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced a ton of positive high times in my life, as well as a ton of really hard and painful experiences. I believe in continued personal work & growth. My creativity has always stemmed from my emotions, sense memories, my energy, good conversations and a general introspection on life. And my art – whether it is acting, dancing, drawing, painting – is usually me expressing and processing the energy inside of me into more of a tangible form!

How was it working with director, Mario Cerrito?

– It was awesome! Mario was really great to work with. He is so creative and talented and has such a unique vision. As we shot the scenes and added some improv, it was really cool to see him piecing together his vision and it was great to be a part of bringing that to life. He is really kind, was really great with coaching and guidance, and created such a good, supportive, creative environment on set. We really had the space to have a ton of fun, do great work, make mistakes, learn, grow, and execute an awesome project. He’s a really brilliant leader.

What’s your favorite horror movie? Why?

– Human Hibachi 2, duh! Haha, a close second though is Sinister (2012), hands down. The plot twist at the end of Sinister was INSANE. I was shook!

What’s next for Giavonna Banner?

– Auditioning for more work, and in the meantime, continuing to work on and improve my craft! I’m grateful for everyday I get to work as an actor and I look forward to my next project. So, if you’re reading this and looking for actors for an upcoming project – I’m your girl!

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