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TV Review: Eli Roth’s Fin (2021) (Season 1)

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Eli Roth and a professional group of scientists, researchers and activists sail around the globe to unveil the truth behind the death of millions of sharks.


“The fight has just begun” Eli Roth – FIN

Director, producer, writer, and actor Eli Roth’s Fin is a powerful representation of how so many sharks are killed each year.

I have been following Eli Roth’s journey via social media. I was excited and nervous to see this documentary.

Fin opens with Eli Roth on a ship with a crew.

He shares some facts in the beginning of the film. They are, “Over 100,000,000 sharks are slaughtered each year globally. Scientists estimate certain populations of sharks have decreased by 90% or more.

The consequences for all living creatures will be devastating.”

My entire life, I have loved sharks and have had such a fascination with sharks. They are such misunderstood creatures. I think human beings often think we are above everything and every other being.

Fin is another reminder of the greed and waste. You will find out a lot while watching this.

Malibu, Ca., Eli Roth is on a beautiful beach with his dog. He shares some footage from his childhood and how he started making films.

Eli shares his memories of what scared him, and of course one of the most legendary films of all-time, JAWS (1975). JAWS (1975) is such a great scary film but it also sort of scared the crap out of people. People sometimes associate JAWS (1975) with real life and some people may think that all sharks are just killing machines. They are not.

Eli talks about his own fear and fascination with sharks. He talks about hosting the Discovery Channel’s Shark After Dark.

It’s also Shark Week now on the Discovery Channel, so make sure to check that out.

More statistics are revealed, and more interview footage. Dr. Reese Halter (Biologist/Activist) is featured. He talks about sharks being the “doctors of the ocean.” Sharks were around before dinosaurs and mammals. Sharks have survived the five major extinctions.

Paul de Gelder is a shark attack survivor; he also became an advocate for sharks.

Boris Worm, Ph.D., Marine Ecologist talks about the survival of sharks and how important the ocean is for us. This documentary is so important because people don’t often see and realize the impact the ocean has.

It’s fascinating to hear Eli Roth talk about his fear of sharks, and then the love and respect he has for them. He talks about his trip where he swam with sharks in the Bahamas.

Eli Roth talks to all of these specialists and how sharks in such demand because of the “shark fin soup.”

Will people be happy when they legitimately kill off everything? Eli Roth didn’t just make a hokey documentary. He goes all over the world and there is compassion in this documentary.

Eli Roth wants to expose the truth and share what he finds. It’s sad because apparently anyone can do this. This documentary makes you question everything, it makes you angry, it hurts your soul.

The fish hunts are difficult, difficult to watch. The statistics and information shared is important.

“Some sharks are pregnant for over three years.” I felt that was important to share.

Eli Roth goes to Hong Kong to meet with Gary Stokes, the director of the Sea Shepherd Asia. seashepherd.org/ Please check out the site and check out what the Sea Shepherd has done to help. seashepherd.org/

Gary talks about why he started to advocate for the ocean. Gary goes over the customs process and everything else that goes along with shark fins. Gary KEEPS IT REAL! Gary talks about how the fins are dried in the streets next to trash and more. Yet, people think this is some sort of wealth status?!? It’s mind-boggling.

I was waiting for this. Eli Roth heads into the restaurant and goes into the kitchen to meet some chefs. You aren’t always eating what you think!

Eli tries everything and tries the soup. He doesn’t seem happy or impressed. Oh, and here come the politics. Sad, sad, sad, and sadder. Eli Roth and Gary check out the “illegal traders.” This is wild, just wild. They have Great White shark fins and all sorts of fins.

It’s crazy that any of this can be legal.

Also, the Sea Shepherd has been helping, and was founded in 1977 and Captain Paul Watson said, “The Oceans are the birthplace of all life on the planet. We have to halt the destruction of life in our Ocean, for if life in the Ocean dies, we all die.”

People need to watch this. People should watch it to learn about some of this. There is lot of deceiving and some stuff that people couldn’t even imagine. Oh boy, Eli wants to get on one of the big industrial fishing boats.

Eli Roth heads to Liberia. People don’t know how lucky, how blessed they are. Eli Roth heads out to one of the Sea Shepherd ships. It was purchased by Bob Barker, yes that BOB BARKER! The Sea Shepherd is unreal. They will fight until the end of time.

Everyone has to make a living, hustle, do what they have to do. There is a limit though and the destruction of the planet, the oceans becoming global trash cans isn’t right, no matter how you swing it.

This is insane. I kept up with the Sea Shepherd’s and Captain Paul Watson and just some of the stuff happening. This is insanity. How? Why? God, why?!

The nets they use to catch the fish and sharks are horrible. Everything gets caught in these nets and they die horribly. Eli Roth and his crew get on one of the bigger ships. This is scary, who knew fishing could be so volatile. It’s sickening. Also check the ingredients in your cosmetics, sunscreen, anti-aging, make-up, your vitamins and stuff folks. It’s HORRIFIC.

The living situations are HORRIFIC for these “fishermen.” It’s scary crazy.

Eli Roth shows the “Monster Shark Tournament” which *sigh* has been happening for a long time in Massachusetts, and along the entire east coast… *sigh* some more.

Eli Roth features Michael Muller and Ocean Ramsey who are just amazing, RAD humans.

Back to the Bahamas where they do have a shark sanctuary act. They have made money, built the economy off of sharks and positive shark tourism. Swimming with sharks is beautiful. Joe Romeiro is a cinematographer and a shark activist. He also takes people shark diving. He also makes one of the best points and statements about sharks.

This is beautiful, it’s so serene. I want and will swim with sharks one day. I’m so manifesting this with all my soul. Eli Roth seems so at peace and happy. I think the sharks may be his favorite subjects he’s filmed.

Michael Muller, YOU ARE AMAZING! I’m in tears. Michael Muller debunks the idea of how people see sharks. He takes away the “Jaws” stigma, the “killing machine” stigma. This is how we should be teaching people about sharks, not chopping them to pieces in front of kids. Michael Muller is a beautiful human. I’m just in tears. YOU ROCK!

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers of Fin and he’s also part of Global Fishing Watch. People don’t realize how everything is connected. I think this documentary helps put things in perspective. It shows the big picture.

Sharks are not the villains; sharks are not the killing machines that Hollywood paints them as. They are magnificent, magical, intelligent creatures. Do some research.

Definitely watch Fin and check out some of the amazing humans trying to help.

Links on how to help and keep up with what everyone is working on.



Gary Stokes

@OceanAsia1 Twitter

@OceanAsia IG

The Sea Shepherd #SOS Save Our Sharks – July 11th-18th.


Michael Muller


Global Fishing Watch


Ocean Ramsey



Regina Domingo

@NakaweProject on Twitter and IG

ELI ROTH IMDB  www.imdb.com/name/nm0744834/


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