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Film Review: You Will Never Be Back (Short Film) (2020)

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Directed by Mónica Mateo (13:30) (Sci-Fi/Horror) (Spain)
After Ana and David say goodbye like any other day, something extraordinary happens that alters reality.


Directed and written by Monica Mateo, You Will Never Be Back/ No Podras Volver Nunca stars Ximena Vera, Chumo Mata, Laura De Pedro, Dario Paso, and Juana Andueza.

We meet a woman who is at a hotel or an apartment building. She finds a portal or something? She’s still in the hallway watching the weirdness get weirder, if that is even possible? I don’t know.

Her bloodied doppelganger tells her, “You will never be back.” Back from where? Where is she going? What is happening? I have so many questions. The hotel/apartment building is super creepy but in a good way.

It sort of inserts itself as a character. The lingering feeling of what is going on in this place?

The mind is a powerful thing. It can be positive and it can be used in horrific ways. This lady needs to get out of here.

Make sure to check out the Etheria Film Festival 2021 and You Will Never Be Back.

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