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Exclusive Interview: Marie-Francoise Theodore (Lockdown 2025)

Exclusive Interview: Marie-Francoise Theodore (Lockdown 2025)

What attracted you to LOCKDOWN 2025?

The team was top notch but what really attracted me to the project was the high quality of the script. I loved the way my character was written. Lots of layers + depths that I could really sink my teeth into. I like to choose roles that make me grow and stretch as an actor. I was also a little nervous if I could pull it off. Fear is always a good indicator that I should go for it. I love a challenge!

Tell us a little about your character?

When I first read the script I was intrigued by Carmen. An Afro-Latina myself (by way of Haiti/DR), I immediately connected with her. I understood her frustration of being married to an older man out of security and devotion to your kids. But the spark may be gone. Carmen is facing an empty nest at a younger age and is just starting to get back to herself a bit more and doing self care to reconnect with her authentic self. She’s at a turning point in deciding how the rest of life will be.

How was it working with the director, Michael Sean Hall?

Michael is great! I always felt respected and heard as an actor. He really understands the process and how to communicate without being overbearing. I felt free to do my thing. I was honored that he trusted me with bringing Carmen to life.

How does this character differ from other characters that you’ve played?

Carmen has a deep vulnerability and passionate nature that I haven’t had the chance to explore in a character before. She kind of wears her heart on her sleeve and is very feminine. She’s no pushover though. I liked that complexity. I often play roles that are a little more on the tough impervious side. It was great to be able to show more emotion and explore what it feels like to feel trapped between two loves.

What was your most difficult scene? Why?

I don’t want to say any spoilers! Lol. Let’s just say that my most difficult scene was finally facing a secret that I’d been harboring from my family for years.

What was your favorite day on set? Why?

They were all pretty amazing. I absolutely adore being on set. I’m like a kid in a playground! But if I have to choose my favorite day was when we were filming the dinner scenes. We were all there together and it felt like home. A fabulous day.

What movie or event from your childhood turned you on to the film industry?

I didn’t get to go too many movies as a kid. I had to sneak and watch tv after everyone had gone to bed. I loved musical theatre so probably West Side Story or The Sound of Music. My older sis would take us to the
drive-in and watch triple features like Burnt Offerings and It’s Alive! No one else in my immediate family growing up was into the arts. But I just knew I could do it and be successful at it.

Name your top 3 horror films on all time?

Horror films scare me! Lol. I loved Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen and The Exorcist. Classics.

Who inspires your creativity?

I spend as much time as I can in nature. I’m a city girl but I must be near trees and the ocean.
I know that’s more of a what than a who!

In terms of people, there are so many amazing artists right now I can hardly choose. Ava Duvernay and Shonda Rhimes come to mind. They are breaking barriers and stretching imaginations. I would love to accomplish that.
But frankly I am inspired by anyone who is just going all out in their lives and rejecting the cultural + societal conditioning to play small to make others feel comfortable. It really serves no one to be less than who you are. As long as you’re not hurting others, your full self is what is required to best serve the community. The world needs people who have come alive. Find what makes you come alive and DO THAT.

What’s next for Marie-Francoise Theodore?

I am currently completing the script for a short film that I will direct and star in. It centers around the time my Haitian mother went to get a reading from a Vudun Mambo with my two younger sisters and I in tow. That event made quite an impression on me.

I’m very ready to travel again. Once things are fully back open Australia here I come!

Watch LOCKDOWN 2025 Here

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