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Exclusive Interview: Director Thomas Walton (Room 9)

Exclusive Interview: Director Thomas Walton (Room 9)

From script–to–screen, how close did ROOM 9 come to its original vision?

Room 9 was pretty different when it was first written. At first the murder happened in a hotel (modern day) instead of a bed and breakfast in the late (1970’s). In the original Room 9, a man was murdered by a woman, seeking her revenge. Then I changed it to a woman being murdered over greed, with her husband being forced to watch. Then Jump forward… 40 years later, and the woman’s son seeks his revenge on the murders that took her life. Causing A new web of lies, and events to unfold.

What was your favorite day on set and why?

My favorite day on set was: Everyday on set. Any day/days you can direct, do what you live and live out your dreams, is an amazing day.

What scene did you enjoy directing the most?

I loved directing every scene, but I’d have to say my favorite was… Directing Kane Hodder’s death scene. Kane is a horror icon, who kills people for a living as Jason in Friday the 13th. To kill (on-screen) such a horror icon, was a very cool experience. Lol

What is the biggest obstacle you faced while making ROOM 9?

Biggest obstacle I faced was… When production was shut down for 2 months. I got into a horrible car accident and broke my hand/finger in 5 places. I need surgery, and the doctor said I couldn’t hold a camera for at least 6 months. 2 months later, I was holding a camera and shooting the rest of the movie. Crazy this was … When I was wheeled into surgery, I looked up and was in operating Room # 9. That was surreal.

What was your proudest moment during production?

My proudest moment of production: That would be the day we wrapped. We spent over a year making this movie. There were so many downs and obstacles to overcome, but we finished it, and that last day was amazing.

How do you get a film to stand out in the crowd in today’s current landscape?

How to get a film stand out. Well one… try and get good distribution. A good PR team. And some named actors. Also, get hype on the movie early. Engage with the fans. Put out exclusive screen shots, etc. Get people excited to see your film.

What other filmmakers inspire you to do what you do?

other filmmakers that inspire me. Rob Zombie, Spike Lee, Jordan Peele, Alfred Hitchcock. I love horror, but I also love diversity.

What is your favorite horror decade and why?

favorite horror decade (1970’s) I would have to say, and only because … Texas chainsaw massacre. That scared the shit outta me.

What is the next step in your filmmaking career?

next step in my career. Continuing to make good content, not only indie films, but studio films too. I’m for I’m for the small filmmaker, the indie film maker, but I’m also for the studios, they can take your career to the next level, and that’s what dreams are made of.


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