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Film Review: He’s Dead and So and So Am I (2021)

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Sandy and Lance are ghosts, trapped in purgatory for living mostly terrible lives on Earth. Plagued daily by Bartholomew, a third-rate demon sent to entice them into joining team Beelzebub, their current situation isn’t what you’d call “great.” That is, until Daphne, architect and running enthusiast, enters the picture. With her sister missing, Daphne becomes the ghosts’ means to an end, right? Somehow find a way for a living person to interact with a pair of dead people, use non-existent detective skills to find a missing woman (presuming she’s not dead, herself), and take all the credit once she’s found to ensure a golden ticket into heaven is secured. What could possibly go wrong?


Directed by: Gabriel Casdorph & Gabe Martinez

Written by: Gabe Martinez


Melanie Stone

Gabriel Casdorph

Audrey Reynolds

Alex Gunter

Jason Marley Rain

Travis Sanchez

Sandy Marquez (Melanie Stone) is singing and dancing in the middle of nowhere while Lance (Gabe Casdorph) is hitting on Daphne (Aubrey Reynolds). I’m already in hysterics over Melanie Stone’s character. Sandy is all of us singing in our cars…

Okay, we’ve got “Ghost Facts”, I do love the paranormal. They provide the “Ghost Facts” and Sandy wants Lance to walk with her.

Okay, so this is too funny. Bartholomew (Alex Gunter) shows up. He’s another ghost and apparently works in hell. He’s Dead and So AM I is just what you need to watch after a long day. It’s good to just laugh sometimes. Laugh till you cry, cough, and you’re making those funny snorting sounds. (We all do it.)

Sandy and Lance walk through the woods. Now, we’re at “Daphne’s Apartment.” They can’t interact with people but that doesn’t stop Lance. He follows her on her runs through the woods.

Sandy gets involved now and her dialogue is the best. It’s so great being able to be a part of the Chattanooga Virtual Film Festival. I do hope that they continue the virtual aspect for people who may not always be able to attend the festival in-person.

Although in 2020, no one could attend anything. It is nice to be able to talk with everyone on Discord. It’s also awesome that the filmmakers, actors, and writers are able to communicate. It’s not just social media. We are all able to talk and attend the watch parties.

Okay, I digress, back to the movie. Daphne heads in to the office after Sandy and Lance took it upon themselves to find out how they can interact with the living.

Daphne’s sister is missing and her boss is well, not nice. Bartholomew is trying to get Sandy and Lance to sign up for some kind of demon incentive. Sandy and Lance are able to interact with Daphne now. I love that they are hiding behind the bush despite being ghosts.

Sandy and Lance have been in the woods for three decades. The goal was to give Daphne a near death experience. Sandy and Lance give Daphne some advice on how to find her sister. She does what they tell her to do.

And… she gets a lead. Sandy and Lance tell Daphne that they’re detectives. “The Plan… Is super fucked.” Oh great. Dusty (Jason Marley Rain) is Daphne’s neighbor, he’s also a police officer.

They show us how Sandy and Lance died. Things have gone to shit. Lance and Sandy are arguing, Daphne is in trouble. The fight doesn’t last long. Lance and Sandy admit some things that maybe they wouldn’t have told anyone else.

He’s Dead and So Am I is do different in a good way. UGH! Bartholomew showed up again, Lance wants to make a deal. Meanwhile, Dusty the police neighbor is too creepy for words. I don’t want to reveal too much, I think everybody should watch this movie.

Bartholomew does want Lance to make a deal with Glenn (Demetrius Daniels). I realize I am finishing up this review and writing in the middle of the night but do you ever really think about people and ponder what’s going on with people?

Why do they do the things they do? What makes people do evil stuff? What drives them? WHY!?! The conversation between Lance and Daphne is sweet and funny.

If you think the world is full of evil, look around, talk to people. Smile at someone. Thank who or whatever you are grateful for. Know that are there many good people out there. The cast was great, funny, compassionate, smart, relatable, and all the goodness.

This was a fun movie.

Make sure to check out He’s Dead and So Am I.

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