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Film Review: No One is Coming (Short Film) (2020)

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A young woman awaits the return of her boyfriend at a secluded cabin only to discover that she may in fact not be alone.


Directed by: The Barber Brothers.

Written by: Nathaniel Barber

Starring: Breanne Solis and Jeff Jensen.

Fall 1980… I can smell the air, I can feel the Halloween happiness, except this place seems a bit bleak, and dark. Breanne Solis is Ellen. Ellen arrived at an empty cabin and she’s waiting for her boyfriend.

(Don’t do it, don’t go investigate the noise! WHAT!!!) Wow, legit telephones, the 80’s feel so long ago. Okay, so the phone line is cut, the lights go out… and knock, knock… There is a knock at the door and an intruder. It’s NOT the boyfriend.

I appreciate the hair and make-up. Jeff Jensen is the The Figure.

This is sort of feels like an homage to a variety of different horror movies. It has that subtle terror. The slow-burn with the anticipation leading up the worst.

The Chattanooga Virtual Film Festival 2021 delivered some awesome short films. No One is Coming is creepy and it takes you back to some great 80’s memories.

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