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It’s harvest time and the scarecrows are rising again. After 17 years, RISE OF THE SCARECROWS, the micro-budget cult classic, is going through a reboot or re-imagining in RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH. Written and Directed by Geno McGahee, Produced by Pete Baez, Gregory Hatanaka and Xposse Productions, the filming has begun. The film is expected to be released in October and will be distributed by Cinema Epoch and Cineridge Entertainment.

Heading up the gore is Creative Producer, Matthew Hebert and Gore Specialist, Jesse Delta Ariel Waegelein-Hall, and Mechanical Advisor, Rick Caride. Collectively, they are bringing gore effects never seen before in an Xposse Productions, making this a bloody good time. Pete Baez is the DP and is using his creative expertise to bring the shots that will bring the most impact.

The cast features great performances by Eric Michalian (KILLERS CLUB), Lorrie Bacon (THE LOVE TRIANGLE), Brent Northup (SICKLE, SCARY TALES), Jesse Delta Ariel Waegelein-Hall (REVENGE), Sharon Marr, Matthew Hebert, Phil Godeck (SUPER DUPER HEIST SQUAD), Brandon Macey, Martin DuPlessis (SICKLE, FAMILY SECRET), Justin Hortie, Mikey Provencal, Samantha Provencal, Warren Hong (MAD COWGIRL, BODY OF NIGHT), Frank Palangi (TURNED), Tom Hebert (RED BULL SPORTS EVENT), Ray Surprenant (HALLOWEEN TALES), Madelynn Wells, Aaron Schacte, Pawel Watracz (RISE OF THE SCARECROWS), Bayindir Citak, and David Morgan.

Synopsis: A young writer returns to his hometown and soon discovers the dark secret that has been hidden for years. The Scarecrows have risen and they are raising hell/



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