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Interview: Anthony Saint Thomas (Goddess As a Temple of Worship A Sensual Poetry Book)

Anthony Saint Thomas is a published author, artist, photographer, actor, and the M.C. of the band Negro Childe. He’s a force of nature with relentless talent. Saint took time to talk with me for Horrornews.net.

It’s an exclusive interview for Horrornews.net

Hi Saint, how are you doing?

Anthony Saint Thomas – I’m doing alright.

Please tell us about what you are working on and what projects do you have coming out. For me, you have as always; you are one of my writing inspirations.

Anthony Saint Thomas- I have two scripts that I wrote. “Goddess As a Temple of Worship, A Sensual Poetry Book” is available on Kindle via Amazon.

Do you think that you and Monique will shoot a concept video for the scripts?

Anthony Saint Thomas- A lot of times when I’m writing, I have Monique in mind. It’s difficult to be a writer of color while writing strong black characters, and not think Monique Dupree. She is phenomenal. I’m not sure about the concept video, I would have to talk to Monique.

It would be amazing for you to write the script and maybe direct? It’s always amazing to see you and Monique working together.

Anthony Saint Thomas- Thank you. It’s always been really easy to work with her.

I love your photography. I’m going to say Monique because she’s the first person that comes to mind.

Anthony Saint Thomas- Fair enough.

I feel like when you photograph someone, you capture their soul. You look in to their soul and they see your soul. Your photos are beautiful. Do you think you would ever release a photo book?

Anthony Saint Thomas- Yes, I’m playing with some ideas. I do have a poetry book out with photography; I have two poetry books out. I’ve been battling with Amazon because I re-did the beginning of the book, and they’re treating it like it’s a separate book and let’s go through a bunch of hoops to prove copyright. “Goddess As a Temple of Worship”, it’s available on Kindle. They’re the same pictures that I used before, and it’s an allotted poetry book with photography and art in it, and the other is just a pure poetry book. It’s called, “A Series of Left Hand Turns”. One of the things that I started doing because I wanted to have more control, and this book will be published by another publishing company. I got my own editor and a friend of mine, like so many of my friends is an artist. Her website is on there and that’s one of her paintings on the cover. That book made me think that I could ask a friend to do a cover and they can get credit. Dennis Willman will be jumping in too. I’m dying to see what he comes up with.

I love Dennis Willman’s work so much.

Anthony Saint Thomas- Dennis works a certain way. His work is amazing. We are still doing Tha’ Original Gata storyline. We ran in to a bunch of bumps because of the way we work, and sometimes you go off on different tangents. I thought we were doing a comic book so I wrote everything that way and Dennis said, I like your narrative stuff. I said, dude that is nine stories. This book is going to kill somebody. So, that’s what taking so long, I have to write nine-narrative stories for Tha’ Original Gata.

Oh my gosh, that’s going to be amazing though.

Anthony Saint Thomas- It’s probably going to be the sickest book I’ve ever produced. I’m more than happy to do it. I have to work on other things while I’m working.

I miss poetry too. I think it’s sort of a lost art form.

Anthony Saint Thomas- Yes.

Do you think you will release a few more poetry books?

Anthony Saint Thomas- Yes, I plan to do more poetry books. I want to go in different directions.

I think about the censoring of women in art… Mostly women. Why do you think people get so weird about nudity in art? The human body is art.

Anthony Saint Thomas- First, I think you have to look at the United States. The United States was created by a bunch of people who wanted purity. There was no room for different cultures and cultural beliefs. If you were an artist, you were shunned. If you were a woman who was a mid-wife, you could be called a witch and burned at the stake. The nude body is part of the entire composition. The puritan only sees nipples. The puritan says, my nipples are more acceptable than your nipples, unless you find a racist one, and then my nipples are unacceptable because their brown. Then there’s the money factor.

What do you want to say to everyone? Will you be appearing at any conventions? Do you have any words of wisdom to share from Saint?

Anthony Saint Thomas- I’m going to be at a convention coming up. It’s Nightmare on Main Street Film Fest. It’s July 24th and July 25th, 2021. I will be taking orders for the book. A message to the world… Take care of yourself, be kind. I think that we forget that people can get hurt by words. Be considerate. You have to have a certain kind of sese about you. We’re not just dealing with people as individuals, people who might be telling us something so we can learn something. You’re not just dealing with a tough-love parent, mate, or child who is just trying to look out for you. We’re dealing with the entire world. Right now, you can get in touch with somebody who you’ve never met and influence their day. That’s a powerful outlet. You don’t who you are going to find?

I thank you so much Saint. It was an honor as always to talk to you. I love you guys and your writing means the world to me.

Anthony Saint Thomas- Thank you so much. Let’s talk again soon.

Yes, sounds good.

Anthony Saint Thomas will appear at Nightmares on Main Street Film Fest 2021 July 24-July 25, 2021.


@anthonySThomas on Twitter

@latterdaystt on Instagram

Follow Saint on Tiktok – @anthonysaintthoma


Order Saint’s Book, “A Series of Left Hand Turns: A Poetry Book By: Anthony Saint Thomas” on Amazon.com

Cat O’ Nine Tales: The Misadventures of Tha’Original Gata, Vol. 1 is available on Amazon.com

“Goddess As a Temple of Worship A Sensual Poetry Book by: Anthony Saint Thomas is available on Kindle via Amazon.



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