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Interview: David Bohórquez (The Devil’s Child)

Hi David, how are you doing today?

David- I’m doing good, thank you.

I watched The Devil’s Child. It was a creepy movie, in a good way.

David- Thank you.

How did this idea manifest for you?

David- we started shooting this is 2019, right after The Banished, the last movie I did. Everything started with an idea I had and the pictures I had in my head.

The cast did a good job. I loved Cherry (Maria Camila Perez) and Dwayne (Marvens Passiano) What was it like working with everyone?

David- It was an incredible experience. Maria Camila Perez is a Columbian actress that I knew from a local place here. My intention was to make this film in English. I loved her look and her sweetness. Marvens was supposed to act in a horror film I did before, a horror film too. He has that innocent vulnerability as a human being. I wanted Dwayne to have that too. It was nice to mix both personalities in the film.

Do you think you would do a sequel, or are you working on something different?

David- Anything is possible right now. I am working on a couple of other films. I think the set up we did with the movie makes it possible to do not only a sequel, but also a prequel. You can play a lot with the generations. There is room for it.

I would love to know more about Phillip and Violet. There is a lot to tell.

David- Yes, there are more stories to tell.

What can you tell us about the house? The house became a character in the film.

David- Yes, we treated the house like a character. The interior you see, we shot it in a house in Bogota, Columbia where I was born. We changed it a lot. At the end, it took on a personality.

How did you decide what the Devil’s would look like? Cherry, Fiona, and Phillip all have unique looks with how they change.

David- I wanted them to be more human. I didn’t want to picture the characters as bad people because it could be in real life that you’re a victim of circumstances.

I thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.

David- Thank you for your time.


Written & Directed by | David Bohórquez

Starring | Maria Camila Pérez and Germán Naranjo

Available On Demand & Streaming May 7th, 2021

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