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Event Review: The Horror Sideshow Market

The Horror Sideshow Market Review

April 24th and 25th

Featured Guests

Felissa Rose, Dave Sheridan, Thom Mathews, Corey Glover, and Father Evil.

“Over 50 vendors! The Police Academy Car and More!

The Center Hotel

Parking Lot

Allentown, PA

$5 to Enter


Masks Required

It was an excellent day for an exorcism… As soon as you entered the Horror Sideshow Market you were met by Father Evil (The wonderfully talented Lou Avilleira) and Cosplay Jesus (Anderson M.). It was a breezy but beautiful day as masks wearing horror fans wondered around the Horror Sideshow Market. (Masks were required and safety precautions were taken.) COVID-19 has hit so many people like a ton of bricks. People have lost loved ones, jobs, and so much more. The Horror Sideshow Market gave many of the vendors a great opportunity to sell items and get their names out there.

I met some new friends, saw some familiar friends, and vendors. There was no shortage of vendors. If you wanted anything from action figures to coffee, (DEADLY GROUNDS COFFEE should be the place you go!) you could find it at the Horror Sideshow Market.

In the area you also have everything convenient and close. There’s Wawa (Coffee if you need it!), Yocco’s, Taco Bell, convenient stores, and hotels. The Lehigh Valley has a lot of great places.

Fans, vendors, filmmakers, writers, press, and cosplay/character/personality professionals lurked around. Some of the new vendors included the Buffalo Bill’s House: The Silence of the Lambs film location. It’s located in Perryopolis, PA. The owner Chris Rowan and I talked for a bit and he did an interview for Horrornews.net. Film locations are something that not only horror fans love but genre movie fans in general. Sometimes the houses or buildings become a bit of a character in the movie. Chris had a custom-made stand and the set up looked incredible. He had his own Buffalo Bill set up for fans to take photos.

Some horror fans will tell you that every day is Halloween. (I’m one of those people.) I have met some of the greatest people in my life because of a mutual love of a character or a movie. The dedication and fascination of what it is to be a horror fan is always displayed at conventions of pop-up markets like the Horror Sideshow Market. The people who will talk in lines for hours, the people wondering around, the friends who get dragged along with their super-excited horror friend.

The featured guests also had a blast with the fans. As usual the LEGEND THAT IS FELISSA ROSE, hyped her line up all day. There’s usually clapping, laughing, and if you like to quote movies, you are the right place.


Check out Felissa’s official website www.felissarose.com/

Felissa is an actress, producer, writer, and more.

Felissa has appeared in everything from Sleepaway Camp, A Nun’s Curse, Victor Crowley, Psycho Sleepover, Camp Dread. Coming soon: Christmas Slasher, Cult of Blood, and more. Felissa and Dave Sheridan briefly discussed appearing in twenty-five films together, and that’s pretty epic.

The legendary Leslie Easterbrook had to cancel, so the Horror Sideshow Market brought the incomparable Corey Glover of Living Colour and “Cult of Personality” played while people waited in line, and it was a blast. I was able to sit down with Corey for an interview. Corey also appeared in Platoon (1986). He’s a composer and he’s been a part of so many soundtracks.

Corey is on Instagram, @coreyglover – Corey chatted with everyone, took photos, signed autographs, and made a lot of people smile.

Actor/Director/Producer/ Dave Sheridan was also in attendance. He was signing away, taking pictures, and bringing out his legendary Doofy character from Scary Movie. Dave was talking to everyone, signing and taking photos. He answered questions. I met him before and he’s always fun to talk to. He’s been in so many great films including: The Special, The Devil’s Rejects, Bubble Boy, Cold Blooded Killers, Blood Craft, The Resort, Time’s Up (Directed by L.C. Holt). Dave’s IMDB

www.imdb.com/name/nm0792156/ – You can follow Dave Sheridan on Twitter @DaveSheridan & IG @davesheridanofficial – He also briefly discussed that he was in twenty-five films with Felissa Rose.

Thom Mathews (The Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) also made an appearance. He was signing autographs and taking photos with fans.

Along the way I was able to talk with a few of the vendors and fans.

This is just some of the vendors:

Ally Bull – Tattooist/Artist @Bold_Bully

@lydiaandbeetlejuice – Lydia and Beetlejuice

Horrific Ventures – I loved everything about this stand! @Horrific_venture on IG/Facebook

Chris Rowan – President – Buffalo Bill’s House: The Silence of the Lambs film location. You can stay the night, on-location filming, special events and weddings (WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO VISIT THIS AMAZING LOCATION! C’MON!), merchandise, guided tours, contests, giveaways, newsletter.

Rachel Lee Designs – www.rachelleedesigns.com


WHITE HORSES INC. – This was another stand that I LOVED! The owner is a husband and wife. They are too adorable. @whitehorseinc

Anderson Marchak – Actor/Cosplay – @cosplayjesus

RETRO T-Shirts – Such a cool stand!

@Zombience on IG

AlienMoonArts.com – A stand that has not been at the Horror Sideshow Market before. They have a lot of cool items. Check them out.

Also – check out @HorrorDaddy85 – he is a cosplayer and he does such an incredible job.

Make sure to check out horrorsideshowmarket.com/ – It was a blast.

Photos by: Janel Spiegel @Butterflyjms

Buffalo Bill’s Stand

Jason Voorhees – Josh Curzi

Horror Sideshow Market

Man in The Mask – The Strangers

Lydia and Beetlejuice


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