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Film Review: Sweet Nothings (Short Film) (2021)

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A young man of the near future wistfully searches for love on a dating app, only to find out that it has been corrupted by a seductive new marketing system.


Sweet Nothings is what I imagined the year of 2000 would be like. (Maybe) But that didn’t happen. We have come far with technology. I’m sure we can do better. It was flying cars and intricate buildings with super technology. Although we most likely have a lot of this technology.

Christian Klein (Flying High, Blasted) directed and wrote this sci-fi short.

Max (Zack Kozlow) is on a dating app, Sweet Nothings. He’s swiping right and left, and he looks mesmerized. Every single second of the day, we are inundated by ads, social media, our phones. Max is matched with Ambrosia (Mae Bartek). He takes her for coffee and she starts glitching.

Max sees the girl he really wanted to date in public, they sort of interact. Max tries to find another pick-up line via Google. He decides to actually just talk to her. Meadow (Jordee Kopansi) sort of brushes Max off.

Meadow’s home and on the same app. Max’s profile pops up and another dude with eight pack abs and his own Google pick-up line. Well, she doesn’t want the “nice guy”, her eyes and the constant visuals that consume us take over. This was a powerful short film.

Christian Klein did a great job with the technology aspect. It was a tad too scary and real. Make sure to check out Sweet Nothings and Panic Fest 2021.

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