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Film Review: Koreatown Ghost Story (Short Film) (2021)

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A woman entertains a macabre offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.


Sure, good idea. Let’s watch the movie about sleep paralysis at 2 in the morning. Good idea.

Directed and written by Minsun Park and Teddy Tenenbaum, Koreatown Ghost Story is fifteen minutes of terror, and I loved it.

Hannah (Lyrica Okano) goes to meet Mrs. Moon portrayed by Margaret Cho. Mrs. Moon brings up everything “wrong” with Hannah. You know when you go visit relatives or certain people and they say things like, did you get married yet? Do you have kids yet? Are you a doctor yet? It can be overwhelming.

Hannah’s parents died and Mrs. Moon is telling Hannah about Korean Autumn Festival. It sounds amazing and pleasant. Mrs. Moon wants to give Hannah acupuncture. Mrs. Moon wanted Hannah to bring the “decorative box”. Now, we know when there is a box involved, don’t open the box.

Mrs. Moon talks about her son Edward (Brandon Halvorsen) and Hannah’s parents. She performs acupuncture on Hannah. Hannah is reluctant but winds up doing this anyway. Uh-oh, they are going to open the box.

Panic Fest 2021 delivered so many great films this year. There was variety and it was awesome getting to chat in Gathering, and meeting so many great fellow humans.

Back to Koreatown Ghost Story, this is trippy. I wanted to try acupuncture and now, well… This is an interesting twist. I’ve seen so many ghost/demon/sleep paralysis films and this is something new. Hannah is stuck on the acupuncture table and she’s trying her best to reach the box.

I think Hannah needs to try and fight this paralysis and get out now! Okay, she is trying. This is starting to feel like a sacrifice. Let’s discuss the Kitchen Wraith (Minsun Park) for a moment. Why don’t windows ever open when you need them to open?

This is one of the creepiest shorts of all the Panic Fest 2021 selections. Mrs. Moon is dying and well there is a twist with Edward. Edward and Hannah belong together. This is disturbing in so many ways, but in such a good way. It gets to you.

I would say check out Koreatown Ghost Story and Panic Fest 2021.

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