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The Best John Cena Movies

John Cena is one of the best wrestlers from the WWE. Now that he is reaching retirement, it is only understandable that he jumps into the movie industry as well. The star has been in several movies throughout his career. But, now, they are becoming more frequent and bigger. Here are what we think are the best movie that he has starred in. Before reading this list, do not forget to sign up at the best casino games for the biggest real money wins online in 2021.

Bumble Bee

The movie has a weird twist to it, but maybe let us leave that story for another day. John Cena plays the role of a military commander in the movie. Usually, we have gotten to see a more comical nature of the actor/wrestler. But, in this instance, he gets to bring out a little more action to the scene. And, this time, he gets to be a part of a fight against some evil decepticons who are in a bid to try and destroy the world.  But, he is going to be needing a bit of help from a robot named Bumblebee.


John Cena always managed to play the role of an overprotective dad very well. But, in this movie, he gets to play alongside other overprotective parents as well. Together, they decide to try and block their children from making the worst prom night decisions and playing blackjack en ligne. And, as they try to do this, a series of events start unfolding and they go through the worst night of their lives. But, it turns out that they may have to realize that their daughters are going to adulthood and everything does not always happen the way that they would want them to.


The sisters are back, and this time, they are going to be having a farewell party to their childhood home. This time, John Cena is not part of the law enforcement. Instead, he is a part of the law breakers as he gets to be the one who will be providing drugs at the party.

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