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Film Review: Red Snow (2021)

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A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.


The line-up of feature films and short films is so good. Panic Fest 2021 will have some in-person screenings, socially distanced of course. I spoke with one of the Co-Founders of Panic Fest and he was excited for the in-person screenings and the virtual fest.

You can check out all the details on the website, panicfilmfest.com/

Sean Nichols Lynch (Prep School, Audiobook of the Dead) wrote and directed Red Snow. Lynch wears a few hats as a director, writer, actor, producer, and cinematographer. Lynch delivers with Red Snow.

The film opens with a young woman meeting her demise thanks to a vampire lurking about, in the woods. The opening scene alone is beautiful.

We meet Oliva Romo portrayed by Dennice Cisneros. You would think Lake Tahoe would be peaceful, safe, and just a nice place to be.

Olivia (Dennice Cisneros) arrives at the cabin to write. (Okay, so we’ve seen some of the madness that ensues when writers stay at cabins or secluded places.) Olivia is relaxing and doing some writing. She writes Vampire Romance novels. (Subspecies is my favorite romantic vampire movie. Anders Hove is divine.)

A bat flies in to the window. Olivia Googles “bats” and how to save a bat. She brings the bat inside, gives it water and Dennice Cisneros placing a tiny Band-Aid on the little bat was cute and funny. She took her time and despite maybe being a tad grossed out, she did it anyway.

It’s the next morning, and well the little bat isn’t so little anymore. Olivia is jumpy and now that she has semi met her bat, there is a knock at the door.  The legendary Vernon Wells makes an appearance. Vernon Wells is playing Julius King, he’s a detective.

Julius King is looking for someone, most likely the vampire bat hiding in her garage. Julius is also a bat expert. Of course, Julius is in cahoots with someone else. He leaves Olivia for now and calls Simon (Edward Ewell).

Red Snow is a fascinating movie. The story is different. Olivia seems excited to have a real-life vampire in her garage. This is priceless writing material for her. She seems thrilled. We had Barbara Crampton buying blood in Jakob’s Wife and now here is Olivia buying blood.

Olivia is also warming the blood in the microwave for Luke (Nico Bellamy). This is definitely going to be for her book. Olivia only had her mom’s clothing so Luke winds up in quite an ensemble.

Olivia wants to talk to Luke and her excited smile is a giveaway. She has so many questions for Luke. Several cups of microwaved blood later, Luke is better. Olivia’s interviewing Luke.

Luke explains his situation and Olivia is looking at Luke like he’s insane. Luke has to stay in the garage and Olivia found someone to read her manuscript. (Writers, am I right!?)

Blood for breakfast and Olivia’s wearing a Count Orlok Nosferatu t-shirt. Red Snow is going at steady pace. Vernon Wells is always great in films, he’s sort of the Van Helsing of Red Snow. Uh-oh, there goes Olivia’s happy vampire fantasy.

One thing I want to talk about is that Olivia isn’t on her phone for the whole movie. Not that every movie has characters on their phone all the time. It was kind of a relief to see characters talking to one another and to see Olivia reading an ACTUAL BOOK!

We have become a society where people sometimes, they don’t even look at look at each other. Life is challenging enough. Dennice Cisneros is so funny. She gives Olivia heart. We should discuss the ensembles that Luke picks from Olivia’s mom’s wardrobe.

Luke critiques Olivia’s book in the best way possible. Well, someone is telling lies and Olivia’s story might be a little different now. She’s going to kick some vampire ass. Simon (Edward Ewell) suddenly turns in to the gentleman who advises Inspector Pazzi against hunting Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Olivia told her tale. I love the, “I Prefer the Classics” bumper sticker on Olivia’s car. WELL, this took a MISERY turn.

Red Snow was a fun movie to watch. The cast did a great job. Sean Nichols Lynch wrote a story that was sort of like Misery meets The Lost Boys, in a good way. Make sure to check out Panic Fest 2021 and Red Snow.


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