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Film Review: Aftertaste (Short Film) (2020)

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Moll and Alfie are getting together after a few years of friendship, but she has a secret that threatens not only their budding romance, but also his life.


Aftertaste was directed and written by Chloe Wicks. So, imagine you’re so in love with someone but…. Well Moll has one hell of a secret. Moll (Jessica Brown Findlay) wants to keep her relationship going with Alfie (Joe Dempsie).

Before Moll can head upstairs, she needs a drink, and it’s not wine. Let’s hope Moll doesn’t eat Alfie. I think this is unique because, depending on what Moll is, how does she continue hiding this and her hunger?

Aftertaste is sexy and it gets right to the point.

Chloe Wicks delivers a beautiful story. This is sweet and loving. It’s not just sex and gore which there is nothing wrong with that but it was nice to see the lovingness of Moll and Alfie.

Alfie gets a nosebleed after sex and well, Moll gets a little primal. She’s looking at Alfie like he’s dessert. How can a short film be so meaningful? It’s beautiful and Jessica Brown Findlay and Joe Dempsie are doing a great job.

Chloe Wicks did a great job with this short film. Make sure to check out Aftertaste and Panic Fest 2021. Panic Fest 2021 has such a great line-up of short films this year.


IMDB www.imdb.com/title/tt13535586/


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