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What Makes Batman so Different from Other Superheroes?

If you were to ask a child what is a superhero, they would probably answer someone with superior strength, the ability to fly and a flawless moral compass. And technically, Batman doesn’t check any of those boxes. He is an ordinary but genius human who is not above endangering others for his own motives.

Rather than setting impossible standards of moral superiority, Batman doesn’t bother being a goody-two-shoes. He is going to meticulously plan and fight criminals, no matter what it takes or who gets hurt in the process. He is a superhero that experienced great tragedy at an early age.

Batman has been popularly adapted into movies as well as TV shows. In fact, The Dark Knight trilogy is considered to be the best superhero movie ever made by many. Rather than just focusing on mind-blowing action sequences and witty one-liners, Christopher Nolan’s interpretation is a unique and brilliant take on a superhero story. Most superhero stories leave fans delighted with a perfect ending where the good guy wins and villains are banished forever.

But The Dark Knight doesn’t aim to please with a happy ending. All you get is a bittersweet end, which is an accurate representation of life. Things don’t always go the way you want them to, whether you are a superhero or not, and The Dark Knight encapsulates that perfectly.

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