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Interview: David Lawrence (Anadellia – Short Film)

Hi, tell us a little bit about the film and how did this idea manifest for you?

D.L.-I have been an actor for about four years, and ever since I was a kid, I fell in love with horror movies. I was hoping to make a feature film after the short film. I’d like to make it into a trilogy. I received some great feedback from critics. They could see huge potential in this film. I made this film in Jersey and I have an entirely different story so when people expect something to happen, I turn it on the audience.

Would you be shooting the film in Florida or will you head back to Jersey to shoot?

D.L.- It depends on the budget. I’m down in Florida and there is a lot of open land and open fields. You could film in the middle of nowhere and it would be so scary. For example, if you run out of the house or an abandoned building, you won’t see any other kind of people for miles. That’s what I like.

What was it like for you shooting Anadellia? I did love the house in the short film.

D.L.- It was kind of ironic because I was acting in this haunted house in Livingston, New Jersey. I met one of the owners and she told me that her husband is a film director but he never did horror in his life. I went over to their house for dinner and I convinced him that he would be perfect to direct the film. He said, we need a scary house. I drove around South Orange, New Jersey and had a time limit for myself. I would drive by and if my gut told me this is what I should do, I go with it. I gave myself until 8:00 PM at night and at 7:59PM that night, I was ready to give up. I slammed on my brakes and I got out of the car. I looked at the house and I said, that’s the house. I went to house and I knocked on the door. I told them what I was doing and they were really nice. They said, absolutely, our house is your house. We filmed the scenes in the house for a day and a half.

That’s so crazy though! Gut feelings are usually right! It’s good that you stuck with those feelings. I loved the house though. I feel like locations some times become characters within the films.

D.L.- Oh, absolutely. Since that was kind of the start. I’m thinking if I can turn this into a feature film. I want to do something scarier.

What do you want to say to the people that will be watching the films? 

D.L.- When I created Anadellia, I like to do something that’s original. I don’t like to feed or build off of the typical horror film. I like to generate a new audience.

I thank you so much for taking the time to talk with Horrornews.net.

D.L.- Thank you very much.


The film is available on YouTube.


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