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The Night Courier from Dark Red Horror Launches Seed&Spark Campaign

Dark Red Horror launches a campaign for The Night Courier on Seed&Spark starting February 15, 2021. Filmmakers Tabitha & Mason McDonald, from award-winning films “September” and “By Sunrise” have assembled an excellent team with Emily Tynan McDaniel and Drez Ryan leading the charge along with Jennifer Trudrung, Paul Gregory Clark, Maximillian Koger, Nicholas Byers and Darren Conrad. Tabitha & Mason started their journey with Filmmaker Jeff Payne creating the three part viral horror fan film, “Michael vs Jason” that paid homage to Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises.

About The Night Courier
A single night offers a suffocating glimpse into the life of a woman whose occupation is feeding people to monsters. When one of her victims escapes, the story escalates into a hellish cat and mouse chase. Through the analogy of vampires and the metaphors of horror, The Night Courier explores how our differences pit us against each other, and how our humanity might bring us together.

For More Information:

About Dark Red Horror
We are creators. We are storytellers. We are adrenaline seekers.
We express ourselves through horror, and the nightmares we create.
We could spend forever explaining who we are and where we are from, but let’s keep it simple.
We love horror, and we love to make you think twice before entering a dark room.
But, above all else we want to focus on collaboration in the horror community.
And build a space for horror and horror creators of all kinds to gather and grow.

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