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Animated Horror Theourgia Finally Available Online

 “Theourgia” has played at Chilemonos Film Festival 2020, Warsaw Animation Festival 2020, Screamfest 2020, BeyondFest 2020, and hopefully more to come.

A year ago I was weeks from starting to film my first feature film. Sadly, I had to step back from the project and go back to my normal self who hopes this opportunity can come back again. After leaving the movie, I had a very similar feeling to when I decided to write “Elena,” my graphic novel. I felt misunderstood, frustrated, that the way I wanted to tell stories was never going to happen. (Yep that’s what they told me) So as I have done a few times before, I sat on my computer and created something just for me, with no greater purpose than my own personal satisfaction and healing.

There is nothing super special or avant-garde in this short film, something I like to pretend is keeping me from making movies, and I understand now that this is all part of a learning process. But I did try to add special things in it.

It’s an animated short of two people talking the whole time. It’s all about building and creating an uneasy atmosphere, it’s not meant to be scary, just to make you feel weird. I want to share this project to the world and let it grow, so that maybe in the future when I get that big urge of creating again, I’ll work on something bigger for anyone who wants to see it. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment/share if you like it!

Sound and music by the amazing @agutiortiz and @juanzuero

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