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Event Review: History of the Paranormal Exhibit at Selma Mansion

A sneak peak at the Selma Mansion

Ghost Hunt & exhibit Featuring Brian J. Cano.

Selma Mansion

October 3-Oct 4, 2020

Norristown, PA


It was a beautiful clear day in Norristown, PA. October 3-4, Paranormal Investigator/Lecturer and “tech guy,” Brian J. Cano’s History of the Paranormal Exhibit is on display inside the Selma Mansion. A beautiful mansion located on “the western edge of town, Selma was built by General Andrew Porter in 1794.” It’s located at 1305 W. Airy Street, Norristown, PA 19401. It is steeped in illustrious history.

When you walk out front and stand on the sidewalk. You can look up at the house and also down at the sidewalk and look at what people carved into the sidewalk. But, if you stand on the sidewalk in front of the house, you can look up at the Selma mansion and it looks like a grandiose home perched on a hill. You know, something out of a movie. When you walk up the side and towards the house, it gives off an inviting nature. It smiles at you.

Walking into the house, I heard familiar voices and chatter amongst guests. Veteran paranormal investigator and “featured commentator of the Travel Channel’s Paranormal Caught On Camera” was walking around talking to guests and everyone was wearing a mask. It’s odd as COVID has become the basic plot of 2020.

After taking a look at The History of the Paranormal Exhibit, everyone went to dinner. Then from 7-9 PM, Brian J. Cano turned into paranormal investigator extraordinaire. He prepped everyone, offered equipment to the people who didn’t bring investigation equipment which is nice because some people may not even know that Brian uses equipment during the investigations. We were able to explore all three floors of the Selma Mansion and there were some creepy moments during the investigation.

Brian brought out the equipment and the pendulum. He even shared some APPS that he has been using for quite a while. Everyone that attended was nice, pleasant and it’s always good to see friends and meet new people. I participated in some of the interactive exhibit displays and met so many great people. Everyone has a story. They either believe, they are skeptical, they have a fascination with death, they love ghost hunting. There are many reasons. Brian J. Cano doesn’t judge, he brings a comfortable sense that everyone is “not crazy” and he looks at the skeptical side of everything.

Brian J. Cano will be returning to Rahway, New Jersey for the Spirits of Rahway: Lantern Tours & Investigations. It is a Cemetery Tour and an investigation with Brian, October 23 and October 24th https://www.merchantsanddrovers.org/lantern-lit-cemetery-tour/ It will be a social distancing event and masks are required. You can get tickets here: https://www.merchantsanddrovers.org/lantern-lit-cemetery-tour/

Also, stay up to date and see where Brian takes The History of the Paranormal Exhibit next. https://www.neverstopsearching.com/events






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