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Event Review: Horror Sideshow Marketoutside 2020

Horror Sideshow Market (Event Review)

September 5, 2020

Merchants Square Mall Parking Lot

1901 S. 12th Street, Allentown, PA 18103


2020 has been something else. So many people are figuring out how to maneuver through 2020 safely. COVID-19 has stopped everything in its tracks. Some people are working from home still, some are back at work. The people who work at the hospitals, in stores, the truck drivers, delivery people. They deserve so much respect and thanks.  The convention circuit has been shut down for the most part. Conventions across the country and around the world have been cancelled. It was quite surprising that the Horror Sideshow Market was not cancelled.

The Horror Sideshow Market managed to put together a social distanced/outdoor convention with a person count. It was held in the spacious parking lot of the Merchant Square Mall. The special guests were Father Evil (http://www.fatherevil.com/ Father Evil is an original character created by Lou Avilleira) and Felissa Rose ( Sleepaway Camp, Terrifier 2, Garlic & Gunpowder – Felissa will also star in Time’s Up- A feature horror film, written by L.C. Holt, there is an IndieGoGo campaign for the film. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/time-s-up-a-feature-horror-film#/ )

It was a beautiful day in the Lehigh Valley as horror fans came out to check out the outdoor Horror Sideshow Market. The vendors had sections and everyone was minding the social distancing and “six feet apart” rules. Security and staff reminded people who waited in line for Felissa Rose and Father Evil. The vendors were equally as busy as they had masks on and everyone was careful not to pile in to a vendor tent at once. I was fortunate enough to attend and saw so many good friends and got to chat with several people. A lot of people were happy to “be outside” or “just to see some friends” after months of COVID-19 being incredibly scary for everyone. Safety precautions were taken.

People waited in line, (Horror fans are basically the Olympians of waiting in line) to get a wrist band to enter and then if you exited the outside Horror Sideshow Market, you had to get back in line to re-enter safely so they could count how many people were in…. (well outside) It was a lot of fun as usual. It was great to see Father Evil delivering his legendary charisma and Felissa Rose hyped up her line several times. She was enthusiastic and sweet to every single person. One girl was so happy and excited to see her, she was in tears but so happy.

The vendors were running efficiently and everyone was having a good time. A lot of people seemed happy to be outside, happy to see friends and even though we were masked up, a lot of us reminded each other that “we are SMILING” even with the masks on. Make sure to check out the Horror Sideshow Market and #WearAMask





Bloody Summer Camp – @bloodysummercamp


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