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Win Signed Books For Halloween

As all you horror and Halloween fans know, Literary Mayhem’s first original fiction is just around the corner. On October 24, 2010, we will be publishing an original short story by none other than one of my favorite authors Mary SanGiovanni.

To celebrate our favorite time of year and a brand new story by Mary, Literary Mayhem is giving away to one lucky winner signed copies of Mary’s first two novels; “The Hollower” and “Found You”. Two simply awesome books. The Hollower is the best monster to come along in years and you know how we all love our monsters.

How do I get on this you ask? Simple, when Mary’s story is published go to the Fiction section of our site, read Mary’s story and simply comment about the story, click on the contact link and email in you name and address. You must comment on the story, good or bad to be eligible for the drawing.

You have until October 31, 2010 at midnight to enter. One winner will be selected at random. Your email and address will be kept strictly private and will not be used for any unsolicited mail or email.

The Hollower by Mary SanGiovanni

What is the Hollower? At times it can look like a man in a black coat and a black hat. But it’s definitely not a man. It’s not human at all. Its sole purpose is to stalk, to torment and to drive its victims to their deaths. It can sense each victim’s weaknesses, change its appearance and strike however it will hurt the most, physically…and mentally. Dave Kohlar is a man racked with guilt, doubt and worry. The perfect prey. He’s about to learn exactly what the Hollower is—and how it feeds. “Mary’s provocative prose and haunting imagery kept me turning the pages at a furious pace. Her voice is distinctly all her own, yet far beyond her short career as a novelist…Her descriptive language allows you to feel and see the places she writes about, to live in her fictional world and experience the same things her characters are feeling.” —Famous Monsters of Filmland

Found You by Mary SanGiovanni

“Found you.” Those two simple words were like a death sentence to Sally. She recognized the voice, straight from her nightmares. The grotesque thing without a face, the creature that thrived on fear and guilt, had nearly killed her, like it had so many others. But it was dead…wasn’t it? Sally is about to find out that nightmares can become real, that your deepest secrets can prey on you, and that there’s nowhere to hide…for long.

In the small town of Lakehaven something has arrived that can’t see you, hear you or touch you, but it can find you just the same. And when it does, your fears will have a name. “Right out of the gate, she grabs you by the throat with a first chapter that literally left me shaking. She wields words as a blacksmith wields a hammer, with authority and precision. Her storytelling is polished and sharp, evocative and horrifying.” If you have not had a chance to read Mary’s books, do yourself a favor: buy them, borow them, or however you get them, read them. You will not be disappointed.”
—Famous Monsters of Filmland

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