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Huge Horror Cast Announced For Gym of the Dead

Huge Horror Cast Announced For Gym of the Dead

GYM OF THE DEAD has released some new poster artwork and and announced an amazing horror cast. Based on a story by Peter Hopkins it will be a blend of all that we love from the 1980’s with the added bite of zombies!

GYM OF THE DEAD casting has already begun and so far Dani Thompson (Pandamonium,Serial Kaller, My Bloody Banjo), Megan Lockhurst (Jurassic Predator, Cupid), Eve Kathryn Oliver (Mask Of Thorn, Edge Of Extinction), Jack Hunter (Paranoia Tapes, Horror Nights, One Step Behind), Robert Bess (Slumber Party Slaughter Party 2, Clown Motel 2), Heather Rotten (Backwoods Bubba, The Embalmers), Amy Ellen Holbrook (Callback, Strix), Pamela Sutch (Trakked, and many 90s Indie films upto now), Renee Graham (Holy Shit Man, Backwoods Bubba), Tina Vasile (Bloody Hooker Massacre, Day Of The Undead), Tamara Jones (Backwoods Bubba, Z Dead End), Cayt Feinics ( Clownado, Naked Cannibal Campers) and Monica Hayes (After Hours Cinema, The Gift) have been announced to be in the film.

If you want to help support GYM OF THE DEAD, they have some great perks including LUNCH WITH HORROR ROYALTY and VIDEO CHATS WITH CAST MEMBERS.

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Private investors who are interested in contributing to the project outside of the crowdfunder get in touch with Peter Hopkins at horrorscreams.org@gmail.com for more details.

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