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Interview: Maddie Hasson (We Summon the Darkness)

We Summon the Darkness is directed by Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer) and written by Alan Trezza (Burying the Ex). It stars, Alexandra Daddario, Johnny Knoxville (playing a role you would never expect), Keean Johnson, Logan Miller, Allison McAtee, Amy Forsyth and Maddie Hasson who plays Val. Maddie took time to talk with Horrornews.net. Make sure to check out We Summon the Darkness.  Make sure to check out the interview and this was one of the most fun and honest interviews done during quarantine. Stay safe out there, people and read this fun, inspiring interview.

Hi Maddie, how are you?

Maddie- I’m good. How are you?

I am good. Thank you.

Maddie- Are you safe and at home.

Yes, I am. What about you?

Maddie- Yes, I’m at home and I am trying to sew my husband’s pants which is a new adventure for me. I’m getting creative with things (LAUGHTER) that I’m doing to keep myself busy. I’m currently discovering that I’m not good at sewing. That’s the adventure I’m on today.

That’s cool. You will get it. You got this. I know it takes some time. I like making different jewelry and stuff.

Maddie- Oh cool, what kind of jewelry?

Beads and string bracelets, metal stuff. It all depends. I found some cool bracelets I want to make again.

Maddie- That’s good. Its nice to have something to do with your hands. I am finding the motion of the sewing is soothing but I don’t think I am doing anything properly.

It gets easier, I guess. Just keep going.

Maddie- I am going to try. Thank you for the encouragement. (LAUGHING)

Thank you for reminding me of bracelets. (LAUGHINGGGGGG)

Maddie- I am glad I could help.

I watched We Summon the Darkness and Val is my favorite character in the movie.

Maddie- YES! High five!

Virtual high fives through the phone.

Maddie- Hi five! Thank you so much.

We Summon the Darkness was a fun movie. Its dark, it has scary moments and I just think Val is awesome. How did you get involved with the movie? You all did a great job but Val was my favorite character.

Maddie- Oh my gosh, your going to give me a big head. It was the most fun I’ve ever had working on a movie. I’m saying that having been only night shoots. We woke up every day at 4:00 PM and worked until the sun rose, the next day. Saying it, it sounds exhausting but it was actually really fun. I think it bonded us a lot faster. We were trying to keep each other awake. We were yelling crazy things in between takes and taking a lot of chances.

What was it like working with the director, Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer)?

Maddie- I love Marc, I loved Marc before I even knew about this. I watched My Friend Dahmer and I was like; I love this movie and it also made me want to know more about Jeffrey Dahmer. That’s the goal I think with that kind of movie. I think it was perfectly executed. His directing style is very gentle. He’s very soft spoken but he knows what he wants. He’s very collaborative. It was a good environment.

Oh, I loved My Friend Dahmer too and I’m glad I’m not the only person that thinks like that.

Maddie- I watched so many… did you watch any interviews of him talking?

I did. I watched a lot of them. People get weirded out when you start talking serial killers and true crime. It’s fascinating though. The psychology of it.

Maddie- No, you should listen to this podcast called My Favorite Murder, if you don’t already. Its these two girls that are like, “oh my god, lets talk about this murder.” Check it out if you have time, which right now, we all do.

Awesome, I will. I’ll listen to it. Did you have a favorite scene, without giving away spoilers. Or a random moment from onset?

Maddie- So many things happened. So many random things. There’s this whole thing that’s not in the movie. When we’re driving back to the house. When we’re driving back to the house, me, Amy, and Alexandra, we’re in a car driving back to the house from the concert to the house, I believe. Marc had us improv in the car for like thirty minutes and we were like, what do you want us to say? He said, just say anything and I don’t know if I’ve ever sworn more in my life or said more crass, crazy things in my life. I was also shoving Twinkies in my mouth because he was like, I really like it when Val eats and I was like, okay (LAUGHING) and all that was available were Twinkies and other Hostess brand treats. It was really fun and Alexandra and Amy were making me laugh in that scene. It was fun.

I loved this movie too because it reminds you of having a blast with your friends and going to concerts, going out and stuff so this movie is kind of an escape.

Maddie- Oh good! That makes me so happy. I hope it gives people a bit of an escape. I think that’s what we all need right now.

What do you want to say to the people who will be watching We Summon the Darkness?

Maddie- I think I would just want them to know that we had so much fun making this movie. It’s a bit of fun you know what I mean. You can watch it, eat some pizza, drink a beer, you can watch it over facetime with friends from a safe distance and have a laugh and forget about whatever’s going on in your life.

I want to ask what you are working on next but everybody is home. But I’ll ask anyway, maybe projects at home? (Laughing)

Maddie- I have a movie coming out but I’m not working on anything right now. I have a movie coming out called Malignant, it was directed by James Wan. The release date has been pushed because everything is being pushed. Hopefully we’ll know something soon. It’s such a bananas time. Its so interesting how it affected every aspect of everyone’s lives.

I agree, it is wild. At least there are movies and music, books and everyday life. TV shows, Netflix. I guess at least you can watch a movie and forget. I miss people though!

Maddie- I agree, I’ve been watching a lot of reality TV. Have you seen Love is Blind because it is a masterpiece?


Is it good? I haven’t seen it yet. Is it fun? (Laughing)

Maddie- I mean it would be bold of me to say its good. I would say its fun to watch. It is an escape. You will forget about anything else, also watch The Circle, I mean, if you want to do a reality TV deep dive, I will send you a list. The Circle and Love is Blind are two good places to start.

Sounds good! (Laughing)

Maddie- Yeah and its also nice… I think there’s a lot of pressure to be really productive right now and I think that’s negative. There’s so much pressure and sometimes you just want to watch a movie and I think that’s fine.

I need to watch Impulse too. I didn’t get to watch it and they cancelled it.

Maddie- Listen, its free. It is cancelled unfortunately but you can still watch them.

Yeah, it was a bummer that they cancelled it.

Maddie- I know, it was such a bummer for me too. I think they’re moving away from that kind of scripted content but that’s the way it goes.

I’m so glad I got to talk with you. I thank you so much and Val is my favorite character. And the movies give us something to take some time and forget about all the craziness in real life and thanks for listening to me. (Laughter)

Maddie- Thank you so much. That is so nice to hear. You’ve definitely brightened my day. Stay safe.

You too. Thank you, Maddie.


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