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Event Review Brian J. Cano Presents A Night at The Burlington County Prison

Brian J. Cano presents: A Night at Burlington County Prison

March 7, 2020 in Mt. Holly, New Jersey

Brian J. Cano is a lecturer, entertainer, and a skeptical believer in the paranormal world. He is on the show Paranormal Caught on Camera, on the Travel Channel https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/paranormal-caught-on-camera

Brian J. Cano hosted an event and took a group of us through the Burlington County Prison Museum. https://www.prisonmuseum.net/

The Burlington County Prison Museum is located in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. The prison is steeped in history. Brian talked and engaged with everyone. Brian conducted a proper investigation and took us on a thorough tour of the prison. He brought equipment along for everyone to use. He advised everyone on how to use the equipment.  Brian had each one of us stay in a cell by ourselves for ten minutes which seemed like a lifetime. It was “lights out” and it is hard to truly imagine what people go through unless you have walked a mile or so in broken down shoes.

I have always loved the paranormal and I have been on quite a few investigations. This one was different because it didn’t feel rushed or hokey. Brian is a knowledgeable person.  Brian dives into detail and makes you think about the logical and scientific side of the paranormal.

Brian demonstrated and used a spirit box. He had us ask questions. It was quite an experience, an unforgettable one. He led us outside of the prison in the “yard” if you will. It was where the gallows are. Where the hangings would take place.

The group had a blast and each one of us had a different experience. However, we all had a shared experience, we all witnessed and heard something. The Burlington County Prison Museum is a place that you should visit if you have a chance. The history of Robert Mills, the executions, escapes, and female inmates and much more. Make sure to check out Brian J. Cano and watch Paranormal Caught on Camera. Brian J. Cano has a lot of exciting things coming. Check out the Burlington County Prison Museum.

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