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Home | Film Review: The Game of the Clock (short film) (2019)

Film Review: The Game of the Clock (short film) (2019)


THE VICTIM is a teenage girl who visits a friend late at night. As she enters the empty house she finds herself involved in a survival game where she has to endure five minutes with a monster she must not look at.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have THE GAME OF THE CLOCK, written by Michele Olivieri & Ian Reid, and directed by Michele Olivieri.

A young girl (Simone Mumford) arrives at her friend’s house for a planned night out only to find her friend not here, and not answering her phone. She is able to get into the house and finds a strange message –

Can you endure five minutes?

And thus the game begins.

I can’t say much of anything else without ruining the film. This film has two awards and seven nominations at several film festivals and for a very good reason.

While not the first film for Mr. Olivieri, it is the film debut for Ms Mumford. She is our main focus and carries the story brilliantly.

This is a close-to-zero budget film, but it uses its resources wisely. It’s well lit, well photographed, and well scored. It hits all the points required to be a darn good short film.

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