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New Netflix Shows in December 2019

Netflix is so full of movies, documentaries, and shows. For that reason, it may be quite difficult to choose what to watch. And the fact that Netflix releases new shows almost every 2 weeks doesn’t really help much. Well, fret not. In this post, we will be sharing with you, some of the new Netflix shows that you can watch this November. Remember, if you are a gambling fan like most of us, you can always put your online casino game on Autoplay as you binge-watch these shows.

“Atypical” Season 3 (available now)

We really think that this is a great show although this comedy hasn’t received any awards yet. Fans love it and that is witnessed but the great reviews and it’s for a good reason, we must say. In this comedy, we get to see Sam, who is a teenager on the autism spectrum and about to start college. If you haven’t watched any of the seasons, we know that you’re definitely going to end up binge-watching.

“The End of the Fucking World” Season 2 (available November 5)

Welp, the second season of this show is finally here! The first season was so popular, so much that they just had to make a sequel. This is mainly because the first season ended on quite a devastating cliffhanger and fans were eager to find out what happened next. If you are one of those fans, here is your chance to find out.

“The Crown” Season 3 (available November 17)

This historical drama has changed a lot by jumping about a year forward and getting a new cast to play the Royal family. In this season, you will get to see Olivia Colman as the new queen of England and fans the world over love her because she is such an entertainer just like best online casino “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings” (available November 22)

You must definitely watch this one if you have ever sung along to any of the star’s songs. Dolly Parton has had Tv success before and this time around, she shares her stories, including the core themes which contributed to some of her most popular songs.

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