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Interview: Damian MacDonovan (Damian’s Dreadful’s)

“Lord Damian MacDonovan is a 337 year old Scottish Lord/Vampire, using centuries of knowledge , skill and ghost like charms to entertain mortals and hunt demonic and otherworldly threats.” Lord Damian appeared at the Horror Sideshow Market. He has a great show called, “Damian’s Dreadfuls.” He took some time to talk with Horrornews.net

Tell us how you got started?

Damian- My name is Lord Damian MacDonovan. I am currently working as a horror host. I host old horror movies on TV along the lines of ELVIRA. Currently, I can only show public domain films because it’s all I can afford to do at the moment. I’ve been doing the horror host gig for about five years now. More than a decade before that I was working at and appearing at different haunted houses in the Lehigh Valley. I worked at a haunted attraction called, Terror Hill Haunted House and Hayride. Then I was working at Dorney Park for about five years during Halloween Haunt where I was a street actor, a make-up artist and a costumer. When I left Dorney Park, RCN, our local cable provider in the Lehigh Valley asked to host a Halloween marathon one year. I did that for about three years. Then we took a year off. The last year I did it, I convinced them to do it in an episode format so instead of just doing all the movies at once, we did one movie every week. Since then I decided I wanted to do this on my own. It is no longer RCN affiliated, it is just my show.

Is this look all you? Did you design everything?

Damian- Yes, I do everything. I do all my own writing and editing. My costuming and make-up, I do everything on my own.

Where can everyone watch “Damian’s Dreadfuls?”

Damian- If you have RCN as a service provider, you can watch it on Saturday nights at 9:30 on RCN and they have also put it on On Demand and I put all of my episodes on YouTube.

Did you grow up loving horror movies?

Damian- Oh, absolutely.

Who are you professionally inspired by?

Damian- Elvira is a huge hero to me.  Vincent Price is a huge hero to me and Lon Chaney. I was obsessed with “Phantom of the Opera” as a kid. We can’t leave out Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee

What do you think of the conventions so far?

Damian- This is always a great time.

Thank you so much Damian. You rock!

Damian- I want people to have a good time. Thank you.

















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