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Interview: Skye Medusa (Vampi from The Vampi Show).

Skye Medusa: My stage name is Skye Medusa I’m an alternative model from Australia and a massive horror geek.
I have loved horror films since I can remember but for me vampires are the shit!

When I’m not being Vampi or napping in one of my designer coffins I’m most likely at home with my husband, the very talented mastermind behind Gore FX and our dog children watching scary movies.

I also volunteer at a bat rescue clinic and love helping animals wherever I can!

TM: What is The Vampi Show all about and how did it come about?

SM: So, like I said I’ve been doing the vampire thing for a looonnnggg time (326 years to be exact) and I decided the world was lacking some good old fashion comedy horror that’s made for adults and not PG-13. So, I teamed up with the super talented Black Forrest Films here in Australia and we began making the mini-series. The show is something that I as a horror fan was searching for but surprisingly didn’t already exist. It’s campy, stupid, crude but still done well. The Vampi Show isn’t going to be for people who are easily offended it’s got bucket loads of blood, boobs and enough necro jokes to keep you stiff all night! But in saying that I believe & hope the horror community embraces it and see the light-hearted nature to the show.

As well as the short episodes and skits we will be uploading Vampi’s horror movie Top Tens, interviews & even some educational material!!! You can see our promo trailer on YouTube right now just search The Vampi Show.

TM: Who are some of your influences?

SM: So I need to pay respect to all the spooky ladies that influenced me over time Vampira, Morticia, Elvira I LOVE them all, growing up I really related to them but it wasn’t until I saw Elvira at a young age I was immediately intrigued about how well she integrated being spooky and straight up sex appeal in one! So, I guess Elvira influenced me in that sense, but I really want to push the envelope with darker adult themes.

Trying to steer clear of impersonating any of the female horror icons just mentioned Vampi’s style is quite different, although she’s partial to a tight fitting black dress every now and again she is more influenced by different eras she has lived through taking a little bit of fashion from each decade. Vampi’s signature look is usually a velvet dress, big 40s glam waves, lots of bat accessories and plenty of cleavage to top it all off.
The show has lots of amazing gore, practical FX and creatures by Gore FX that are heavily influenced by Evil Dead, Tales from The Crypt, Fright Night ETC.

TM: What is your favorite movie of all time?

SM: So, you’ve asked an impossible question for any horror lover as it’s almost impossible to choose just one! I have like a top 50, 100 maybe and I could literally talk about movies all night long.

I guess vampire films influenced my life the most I love most of them, but my favorite would have to be Bram Stokers Dracula. It is perfection and I particularly relate to and love Lucy.

TM: What would you say was the scariest movie ever?

SM: I’m not really one who gets scared much watching movies; Sinister had an amazing soundtrack that made the film very unsettling.
Deliver Us from Evil gave me a bit of stress driving home from the cinema, I think if any The Doors songs came on driving home I would’ve crashed my car!

TM: What do you like to do in your free time?

SM: Other than movie watching i love doing anything creative painting, making costumes, dancing…

TM: If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?

SM: There’s not really to many vampires from Australia so I would love to come to America one day and film some episodes there. I have a huge crush on Bill Mosley I meet him here once and he’s lovely so maybe he’d be into letting me eat him sometime??
But really there is too many to mention I would be happy to work with anyone willing to get down and dirty on The Vampi Show *WINK*

TM: Do you have any phobias or is there anything that just creeps you out?

SM: Not really much to be afraid of when you’re immortal… The sun?

TM: What projects are you currently working on?

SM: Currently we’re trying to shoot as many episodes to release as we can and it’s taking up 100% of my time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Halloween is the busiest time of the year for both my husband any myself in our line of work and usually I will be hosting events and he will be making props and for them but this year after people requesting we’re holding our own Halloween event The Night Of The Dead and Vampi will be hosting that so I’m very excited.

TM: Anyone you want to give a shout out to or anything you’d like to add?

SM: Being in the horror scene for so long here in Australia The Vampi Show has been a great way to showcase some of our friends amazing talent, we have so many wonderful people on board designers, comedians, set designers, SFX artists and each episode features talents from them.
Check out Black Forrest Films they’re actually heading to the USA in March next year to shoot their fifth feature film “An American Masquerade”.
Like I mentioned check out GORE FX and Zombie Hire.com you’ll see their amazing work in almost every episode.
AND lastly please follow our social media channels to keep up to date on The Vampi Show!!!

Thanks to Skye Medusa for taking the time to speak to me!

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