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How to Learn a New Language by Watching Science fiction Movies?

Description: Learning a new language shouldn’t make you afraid. You can study easy and have fun! Try to mix studying with some entertainment and you’ll achieve the best results! Here you can find our tips! 

Can you Learn Foreign Language by Watching Science Fiction Movies?

Finding proficient foreign language tutors could be quite difficult and expensive. You spend hours learning the speech, but still, there are no good results. Then we are here to recommend a useful tip on how to learn foreign language by watching science fiction movies.

Everyone has their favourite movies. However, science fiction film catches the attention of many. It gives you a sound knowledge of recent scientific discoveries. It also highlights various social systems and modern technologies; information you would not like to skip. That’s why viewing science fiction films helps in learning foreign language.

But watching films without a plan cannot bring the desired results, and it requires your focused attitude towards new words.

Get Equipped

Buying high-quality DVD containing science fiction film is not a waste. You need to play it severally by pausing and rewinding. Prepare your learning environment. It will require writing materials such as a pen, notebook at hand, and a computer or any perfect screen from where to watch. Consider locking yourself inside your bedroom where no one will have access until your studying session is over.


Films with subtitles written in your mother-tongue will incredibly aid your study. Understandable headings can help you follow the movie better than movies without them. Remember you are all alone, therefore, your active participation is your primary condition. The film without subtitles can be boring as you will not be able to understand it.


Learning a foreign tongue through a movie requires your dedication since every word in the movie matters. You also need to grasp pronunciations of words by actors and try to learn them by heart. Feel comfortable just like when you are watching a film in your native language, it’s not only for learning but for entertainment as well. If you don’t understand something, you can always ask your friend to help me write my resume on a particular movie, especially if he has seen it.


You shouldn’t view the entire film all at once if your aim is learning new words. Separate a particular movie on parts, then on small time limits. Use pauses to write down some new words. Visit the dictionary to enhance your understanding. Watch each scene for several times. You can decide to view for ten minutes then take a break to promote your language absorption. To enhance your understanding, repeat the same scene after a break and test how much you have learned.


Get active while watching. Mimic actors’ pronunciation of words. Remember you’re also aiming at speaking like a native, therefore, have to pronounce the words correctly. Choose your favourite character and copy his walking style or body language to enhance your memorisation.

Learning foreign language by viewing science fiction films could be very amusing. By following the above tips, you can be sure to understand the language within a short time.


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