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Film Review: Among the Insane – Inside the Asylum House (2007)

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When the leaves turn from vibrant green to shades of red, yellow, and brown you know that fall along with Halloween is well on it’s way. Some people like to stroll thru the park, others like to carve up their pumpkins and eat their toasted salty seeds. But then there are others like myself who want to go sample some of the spooky haunted houses that are set up for about a month or two of fun.

The Asylum House dominates Halloween in Indianapolis, In. It started with a little love and some very creative people. I would love to work in one and think to myself what character would I wanna be? Something old, something new or something flat out freaky? Watching this documentary on the house you really do realize that you are witnessing something special.

The people who work here are all like family to each other. Sure they have good days and bad days just like the rest of us but then they always have a fan “%$%*@in” tastic time in creating their rooms or playing out their characters. The actors totally rule the roost with their practiced screams and skits. You never know how a guest is going to react, it does seem that the bigger they are the harder they fall.

Bright pink wigged Trick is your host and a well know landmark at the The Asylum House. He is also the head honcho over there at the attraction itself and normally spends 365 days a year thinking and planning for the following years opening season. Every once in awhile they might get a party pooper who deems it as sucky but mostly this place is well known and widely visited.

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