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Coming Soon: Sweet Taste of Souls from Flying Dolphin Productions

Sweet Taste of Souls

  a psychological horror


Flying Dolphin Productions wraps production on SWEET TASTE OF SOULS on Friday, September 14th after 26 days of filming throughout San Diego County.


When four struggling Indie band members stop at a lonely roadside café for an innocent slice of pie, they find themselves imprisoned in the deranged café owner’s bizarre art collection and must battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.


Nerves are frayed after an all-night drive when Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily spot “Elle’s Kountry Kitchen” in the quaint rural town of Angel Falls and decide to make a brief stop for pie.

The eerie café and Ellinore’s disturbing demeanor are disconcerting enough but the café also displays an unsettling photo gallery – of previous wayfarers all in odd, stiffly posed positions. In fact, the people in the photos are alive, trapped in their little photo prisons, free to move about except when customers enter.

A sinister force also lurks in the cursed café. It directs Ellinore’s sad, broken mind and orchestrates her bizarre photography “collection”.

When a problem with one of the photographs causes Ellinore to drown its captives in a fit of rage, she composites a new photo with the images she secretly took of her last visitors. As the replacement shoots off the printer Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily suddenly get “disappeared” out of their van. They awake to find themselves in a stark photo prison. Through their one glass wall they see the outside world – the empty café they just left. They must escape before Ellinore’s escalating temper causes her to replace them as well.

But some dangers are even more penetrating than death: Evil is always hungry for souls. It cultivates terror, manipulates fear and seduces with revenge. Nate’s good heart understands and resists but Lily’s heart is tender, traumatized, vulnerable – just like Ellinore’s was before Evil first seduced her. Lily becomes Evil’s next convert.

Sweet Taste of Souls presented by Flying Dolphin Productions, L.L.C.

Writer: Felicity Mudgett
Producer: Bee Pedersen
Director: Terry Ross
Director of Photography: Oscar Velasquez
Assistant Director: Gabriel Pan
Line Producer: Lisa Bruhn

Actress: Honey Lauren as Ellinore
Actress: Sarah J. Bartholomew as Lily
Actor: John Paul Salandria as Nate
Actor: Mark Valesiano as Kyle
Actress: Amber Gaston as Wendy

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